Creating the Perfect Hen Night – Best in town!

It is important to make sure that you keep a watchful eye on them. Sometimes, best in town hens can get rowdy, which could mean that they are bored, and they might start to run around the yard. If your hens run around the yard, it means that the others could get bored as well and could end up eating them.

Best in Town and The Hen Night Essentials

Don’t forget to take your hens out to the backyard, too. Having some fresh air around is great for them. You can take them out and have a picnic, and maybe even have some treats and give your hens some toys. These will help them get comfortable, so that they do not feel so nervous about the environment around you. Although they might not be able to tell you what they think, your hens are pretty intelligent animals. Even so, they might not be able to recognize what they look like. In this case, you should let them play with you as much as possible.

They can also learn tricks during the night. If they are used to playing with you all day, they might be able to understand what you want them to do without you having to say anything.

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