Extreme Things To Do In Perth

So you’re visiting Perth for a few days and want to get the most out of it? And by that, I mean doing something abnormal, stupid or just plain illegal. Well, look no further. It’s here! The list that will tick all three boxes:

1) Bungy jumping

Why not add an extra thrill while in town and feel like James Bond while jumping off some random bridge. There are countless Bungy jumps around Perth and you can make your decision depending on how brave (or stupid) you think you are.

2) Helicopter  Water-bombing

You’ve probably already seen this on television but this is something that exists in real life. If there is a big bushfire somewhere they need to put it out and this is done by flying a helicopter up to 2000m and dropping 20L water bombs.

The only place you can do this legally is in Kings Park as that’s where Perth’s Fire Brigade does their training. Make sure you bring your swimming gear after they land on the park’s lake.

3) Walk along Scarborough beach

There are lots of beaches around Perth but Scarborough might be the nicest one. Enjoy the view and walk for about 1km down to North Beach if you want an extra challenge (that includes climbing up a dune).

4) Learn to surf at Scarborough

Perth has got some great surfing spots and learning to surf doesn’t necessarily go somewhere like Margaret River (which you should also go to). Scarborough’s a good spot to learn how to ride the waves.

5) If you’re good at driving fast, try to get on Perth Speed Drome 

This is probably one of the best activities for car enthusiasts who want to do something other than just cruising around looking at houses. There are many other racetracks in and around Perth but this is by far my favourite even though it doesn’t look like much from the outside.

They have lots of different types of tracks for all kinds of cars and they’re open to walking through and watching race days if you don’t drive yourself (not sure about that though).

6) Climb up Millers Pool Dam

Speaking of things that don’t look like much from the outside. Why not climb up a dam just like they did in The Slip-side? You can do so by walking through a dirt path and then taking the metal stairs to the top if you feel like falling off after you’ve reached the top (which I would recommend).

7) Go blading/skating

Now, this is one of those things that are illegal but as long as you don’t cause any trouble it should be no problem. Just make sure your blades or skates are clean and you’re good to go (and register your rollerblades first if there’s such a system for them).

8) Check out Northbridge 

One of Perth’s nightlife hotspots with lots of pubs, bars and clubs. I’d probably recommend Fridays or Saturdays if you want to have a good time here.

9) Go-karting 

Perth has got some great tracks for racing around in circles until your car is just a little round dot on the screen of life. It’s even better when they let you race against each other so everyone can go home with their own bruises/scars/busted parts.

10) Fish amongst sharks in South Fremantle 

This might be one of my favourites on this list because it’s fun (although not very dangerous). You can either fish from the Jetty or join up on one of the charters that go out fishing for some hours (depending on how much money you’ve got).

11) Watch abseilers jump off cliffs

If you want to feel like Indiana Jones for a day then why not join a tour where they take you out to some of Perth’s beautiful coastal cliffs and let you watch abseilers go down the side. It might also be worth going on your own as there are many free lookouts around town with great views.

12) Bungy jumping from Perth CBD Sky-bridge 

There is another bungy jumping spot I didn’t mention above as this one is illegal (for obvious reasons). You can do it from the top of Central Park if you want but make sure you don’t get caught by police as they will most likely confiscate your mobile phone, put you in the back of their car and send you home. It’s not worth it, trust me!

13) Go 4WDing/camping out in the bush 

This is one of those things that can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing but there are many campsites around Perth where you can go without causing any trouble (just read up on some basic safety tips first).

There are probably lots of other great things to do in Perth that I just can’t think of right now so feel free to leave a comment below with your favourite thing to do in Perth.

So those were some of the extreme things to do in Perth. You might want to try it. 


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