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Do you own a small business that needs some financial guidance? If your answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’re going to review some of the best apps for small business bookkeeping.

App#1: FreshBooks

FreshBooks is an online invoicing software for companies who want to simplify their billing and make it a fun experience. There’s no need to spend time on creating bills, printing them or sending them via snail mail. Make a professional-looking invoice in seconds – all from your mobile phone – and send them out electronically with one click.

This app will offer you three months of free service after which they charge $15 per month as long as you have more than 1 user.

For example, you want to add two employees to your account (so that they too can use the app), their price will be $31.

Key features: Time tracking, Estimates and Invoicing.

App#2: Less Accounting

Less Accounting is a complete cloud-based bookkeeping platform for small businesses and freelancers which means it’s accessible from anywhere and easy to integrate with other apps like PayPal or FreshBooks.

This one though doesn’t come free; you’ll need to pay $9/month for each user on the team that wants access to this software no matter if they’re an intern, part-time employee or full-time. So for instance, if you have 3 people using it in your company, you’ll end up spending $27/month.

Key features: Invoicing, Expenses, Estimates and Sales.

App#3: Wave

Wave focuses on small businesses that are trying to automate their bookkeeping process as much as possible without hiring an accountant. It’s simple to use with an attractive interface which means you can learn how to use it within seconds even if you’re not very tech-savvy.

It has mobile apps available for Android and iOS devices so you can access your account anywhere but keep in mind this app doesn’t offer any time tracking or invoice generating features yet because they want users to focus only on their financial operations.

You need a minimum of 3 employees before they charge you anything – which will be still nothing compared to other apps out there. Key features: Invoicing, Expenses and Sales.

App#4: Outright

One of the biggest problems with managing your finances is that it’s a time-consuming task that can divert you from your core responsibilities.

Here’s where Outright comes in! It provides accurate reports on income and expenses while giving you detailed answers to questions like “should I hire this new employee” or “how much should I set aside for taxes”.

This app also gives you access to easy online backups of all your data so losing information will be a thing of the past – especially if you’re doing everything from your smartphone.

The price range goes between $9/month (for 5 employees) to $89/month (unlimited employees) but you can also choose a free plan for up to 5 users which comes with fewer features. Key features: Expenses, Estimates and Sales.

App#5: Xero

It is an app for small businesses that are currently using or intend to switch from manual accounting methods to cloud-based bookkeeping. The fact that it’s designed specifically for mobile devices means you’ll be able to carry all your financial records with you wherever you go!

This one though has only paid plans starting at $9/month for 10 invoices per month plus 2GB of storage. Additional features like unlimited invoices or file sizes are available in the Premium version which costs $25/month. Key features: Invoicing, Expenses and Sales.

So that is some of the bookkeeping apps you may opt to use.

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