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If you’re considering getting a London¬†tattoo, you’ve got plenty of choices. The City’s vibrant tattoo scene is one of the best places to go if you want something unique and stylish. The capital’s many great artists provide a great selection of designs, so finding the perfect one is easy. Here are some of the most talented London artists to consider. Listed below are a few of our favourites.

How To Learn London Tattoo Artists

Located just north of Soho, The Circle is a popular tattoo studio with sixteen resident artists. Its proximity to major transportation hubs means that it’s a good location for travelers, and the studio is open to visitors. In Soho, Diamond Jacks and Kat Blackstone are two popular tattoo parlors, both of which offer needlework and traditional pieces. In the West End, the Sacred Gold tattoo studio specialises in cover-ups and abstract styles.

There are many excellent artists in the city. A few have gained a loyal following based on their style of tattooing. Szidi is an excellent example. She uses a soft, flowing freehand feel to create intricate designs. Her work is known for its realism and fine linework. If you’re looking for a modern tattoo, visit Sang Bleu, which opened its Zurich studio in 2014.

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