Bottled Drinking Water Recycling and Its Environmental Impact

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Bottled drink cool water has been used for many disposable uses, including straws, spoons, bottles and more. As if these weren’t enough uses, bottled water also makes great promotional tools. The manufacture and distribution of bottled water alone are a leading contributor to the alarming greenhouse gas emissions in the transport of fossil fuels. There are other industries that use and profit from this by shipping their products and/or making the bottles themselves. So what can you do to save the environment and reduce your personal carbon footprint?

Why You Need to Purify Your Drinking Water?

If you want to be proactive about your own personal actions and the effect they have on our environment and on global warming, it is important to think about where your bottled drinking water comes from. Some companies may use the best available technology to purify water and purifying it deep enough to remove any pollutants, but they still use plastic as the container to store the treated water. Bottled water recyclers will not only make sure that the containers are recycled, they will also remove plastics from the containers to reuse in other applications.

This is not the only problem. Plastic bottles are known to be a primary cause of sea plastics being washed overboard, finding their way into the oceans and ultimately the global food supply. There is very good information about this online, but for the sake of our own safety, I urge you to contact your local state or federal health department and let them know your concerns. You should not have to be harassed or threatened in any way in order to get the information you need to help protect yourself. The information is available; all you have to do is find it.

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