Women Who Changed the World

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Women who changed the world can be considered to be trailblazers. Throughout the many years, history has witnessed many highly intelligent, visionary and influential women who have transformed the world of science, politics, aviation, literature and medicine. There are many women throughout history who were able to overcome obstacles and make a mark for themselves in any field that they desired. Some notable women include Emmeline Fearing, Susan B. Johnson, Florence Kelley, Christina Johnson Reagon, Gloria Steinem, Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger and Barbara Benagh. Some were able to change the course of history, while others like Clinton, Obama, Mandela, Kim Jong Il, India’s Gandhi and China’s free press were able to change the course of world politics.

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One of the most influential women of all time was Mary Magdalene. Known as the “Virgin Queen of Egypt”, she played a key role in the spread of the Christian religion, as she spread the faith by her personal acts of devotion. A strong woman, Mary was known for her tenderness, which endeared her to the Egyptian people. The “Virgin Queen of Egypt” was posthumously awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1963 for her efforts in behalf of the African nation.

Another prominent woman of note was Billy Jealousy who was born in obscurity. As a young man working in a clothing factory in New York City he rose to be a noted printer, speaker and author. He went on to found the National Organization for Black Americans or NASCAR. During the World War II Billy Jealousy helped America become better equipped to fight the fight against Nazi Germany and was honored posthumously with the Order of the Sacred Defense. Another remarkable woman of the Americas, who played an important role during both world wars is Washington, D. C. Betty Shabazz who rose to be a leader in the civil rights movement and is recognized as the first black women U.S. Senator.

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