Everything You Need To Know To Buy CCTV Security Cameras

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When searching for a surveillance camera system, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the massive number of products available and therefore the confusing technical jargon that comes with them. Just walk into any big-box retailer and there are numerous brands all seemingly selling the precise same camera. Every brand claims to supply high resolution and twilight vision, and sorting through the claims are often confusing.

What many folks don’t realize is that another class of security camera’s directly available to the general public, though not found within the big box and warehouse stores. These surveillance cameras are classified as “commercial-grade” security cameras and are the sort of camera utilized by these big-box chains to secure their inventory. examine the ceiling of consumer electronics stores and warehouse chains and you’ll notice in each aisle a white dome camera that’s larger than the common consumer camera. Let that sink sure a moment…these companies don’t even use the kind of cameras they’re selling to the general public, and there’s an honest reason why. Also, discover this for Home Security Systems & 24/7 Monitoring in Melbourne.

Introduction To Surveillance Systems

As there’s such an outsized range of price brackets, we believe there’s truly a security system available to everyone. However, consumers should be wary of bottom-bin prices, particularly those coming from box stores. What’s this, a camera seller taking an endeavour at the competition? Yeah, sure. Be as cynical about our approach as you wish, but the straightforward fact is that these stores sell bunk systems that are so low in quality that, inadvertently, they still find yourself driving business directly through our doors. numerous people come to us with the precise same story: I bought security cameras from a box store and that they all suck.

So don’t take the ways around to urge the system that’s right for you – we haven’t spent ten years within the business just by being lucky. We offer the simplest products for the simplest prices. We take our customers’ trust seriously.

And what quiet systems are out there? What’s available? The foremost basic surveillance systems are going to consist of a minimum of one camera, a monitor, and a pair of wires to link everything together. Yeah, that’s just about all it takes. It can even be composed of many cameras, video recorders, dozens of monitors, security guards, and spy-sniffing attack dogs. (We don’t sell dogs, of the attacking variety or otherwise.)

Commercial-Grade Vs. Consumer-Grade Security Cameras

As you only learned, there are two broad categories of security cameras. What you generally find at stores are consumer-grade cameras, which usually come with 8 or 16 cameras bundled with a video recorder and sell for fewer than k dollars (US $) for the set. The second category of camera, commercial-grade cameras, generally starts at about $400 (US) per camera— a significantly higher price. The video recorder must be purchased separately, and commercial grade recorders start at about $500 (US $) and may range up to $5000 betting on the number of storage, camera connectivity, and image processing features.

How Many Security Cameras Do I Need?

The amount of security cameras you would like depends on the scale of your home furthermore because of the amount of security you wish generally. At a minimum, we recommend putting a camera within the main entrance of your home on the bottom floor. Ideally, you furthermore might use outdoor security cameras on all ground floor entrances; however, this won’t apply to someone living in an apartment. For more security, you’ll put more security cameras on the bottom level, and in any room that you simply use frequently or must submit to enter or exit your home. for added security, you’ll put security cameras in main hallways on the second or third floors. However, we don’t recommend placing cameras in bedrooms or bathrooms thanks to privacy issues. In general, most homes would require a minimum of three cameras on two outside entrances moreover as an enclosed entrance. Learn more about the

HD Video Is Superior

There is no comparison between HD video and older analog technology. HD video is far higher resolution and displays much better detail and clarity. You’ll expect our HD CCTV security cameras to be a minimum of 3-5 times sharper than standard analog cameras. This is often because HD cameras are measured in megapixels. Each megapixel comprises 1 million pixels or dots on a screen. 1MP and above is taken into account by high definition which is the equivalent of a 720p digital broadcast signal. Full HD television is broadcasted at 2MP or 1080P. A 4K Ultra HD CCTV security system video broadcast is like 8MP. the upper the megapixel count, the sharper the image.

One great good thing about HD cameras is that you simply can digitally zoom or ‘blow up’ an HD picture, and also the integrity of the image will remain

largely intact instead of appearing pixelated or blurry just like the older analog CCTV security cameras.


There are 2 sorts of HD CCTV security camera technologies; HD over Coax and IP-based systems. A recorder that supports HD over coax is named a digital video recorder (DVR). IP cameras hook up with an (NVR) network video recorder using ethernet or network cable. Both DVR and NVR units provide identical basic functionality. Either may be accustomed to view live or recorded video and also to look at your cameras remotely on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

One of the biggest differences in the form of cable accustomed to connect the recorder and cameras of the CCTV security systems. it’s important to notice that only HD over Coax recorders are backward compatible for older analog cameras. In other words, you’ll be able to buy HD security cameras or use any existing analog cameras with our HD over Coax digital video recorders.


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