The Basics of Land Surveys

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land surveying

What exactly is Land Surveying? Land surveying helps you to know your land boundaries by taking elevations of your land. An accurate survey is done to find, mark, explain, and map out the boundaries and all corners of a parcel of land.}

It may also include the topography of that land, its elevations, the position of structures and other additions made to that land, as well as other information that help you make decisions about development or expansion. For example, if a home that was built has a fence around it that was put up by an individual, then you would need to know whether or not that fence violates any local ordinances. If it does, then you could get a land survey done to ensure that the fence doesn’t become a nuisance and cause problems within the neighborhood. Land surveyors also do background research on any developer who wants to build a house near a school, stadium, reservoir, etc. to make sure that it will be built properly and that there are no zoning issues that would make the project too complicated or difficult to complete.

When it comes to land surveying, you have professionals who are trained in the precise measurement and mapping techniques. These measurements and maps are used to plan projects and help with legal proceedings. For example, if you wanted to build a stadium, you would first need to map it out so that the stadium dimensions would fit into the legal framework of the area. Then, you would need to map out the boundary so that the stadium wouldn’t block any other structures, public utilities, etc. land surveying is very important for any project.

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