A Guide to Buying a Good Sleeping Pillow

sleeping pillow

The global sleeping pillow marketplace( Slaap City! ) is segmented according to material, usage, distribution channels, and type. According to international sleeping pillow industry research, the worldwide market is segmented into feather, synthetic micro-fiber, down sleeping pads, memory foam sleeping pads, microbead sleeping pads, buckwheat and visco-elastic foam sleeping pads. Feather pillows are the most popular of the three and the prices are relatively inexpensive. Most feather pillows claim to mimic the body position and posture that human beings naturally assume when sleeping.

A Guide to Buying a Good Sleeping Pillow

The feathers used for sleeping pillow covers come from rare breeds of geese and ducks that are only fed by rare animal sources such as chicken livers, sheep and other farm animals. The down filling inside the feather pillow is man-made, using a polyurethane foam. There are also hypoallergenic varieties of down sleeping pads and pillows which do not cause any allergic reactions when used by humans. Buckwheat and visco-elastic foam are also good varieties of down sleeping pillow covers.

Memory foam is the most expensive type of sleeping pillow that you can buy. These pillow covers are hypoallergenic and ideal for people who suffer from asthma. Micro beads pillow are also available and these are generally used in hospitals. For those who have arthritis problems sleeping on hard foam pillows is out of the question.

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