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David Rizzuto - David Rizzuto is a recent graduate of the Victoria University studying interactive media. A very active member of his local community, is a keen videographer and always on the lookout for new and exciting things happening in Melbourne and beyond! Feel free to ask David about life in Victoria!

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David Rizzuto
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Read some of David's local recommendations on things to do in Victoria



Queen Victoria Market

One of three remaining public markets that have existed for more than a century, the Queen Victoria Market is a destination if you're looking for fresh local produce, handmade and crafted goods, and souvenirs to take back home. Here are four types of tours that are available for visitors can take where they can learn the history of the Market and experience its shopping culture. Read more






Royal Botanic Gardens - Melbourne

A great place to visit that hosts a variety of beautiful gardens from all parts of Australia and the globe, tourists and locals can spend hours admiring the Royal Botanic Gardens. With a range of sceneries to take photographs and right next to the Shrine of Remembrance, this is yet another destination not to miss if you're especially coming to Melbourne during the Spring and Summer period.  Read more





The Shrine of Remembrance

A landmark that pays tribute to those who served protecting Australia during conflict, the Shrine of Remembrance is a landmark that attracts tourists for its location in the parklands of St Kilda, and being conveniently next door to the Royal Botanic Gardens. A great place to learn about Australian soldiers' sacrifice and history, the Shrine is especially photogenic during sunny weather. Read more





Luna Park and its Top Five Rides - St Kilda 

An amusement park that has been in business for over a century, Luna Park is conveniently next   door to St Kilda Beach and especially enchances the Spring and Summer experience. before you get to Luna Park, take a look at David's guide including his recommended rides and rollercoasters and find out the which passes to buy if you want to spend your whole day or make occassional visits. Read more 



Top 5 Museums to Visit in Melbourne

Melbourne has plenty of museums available for the public to visit; ranging from science, sport, digital media, and natural history. With great locations that make it easier to travel by public transport, here are five museums that David recommends visiting...Read more


Best Sightseeing Cruises in Melbourne

Once visitors arrive in Melbourne, it is recommended to go on a cruise around the Yarra River and take a look at the city's beaufiful metropolitan landscapes. Thanks to Melbourne River Cruises, here are a few routes people can go to enjoy the scenery, including prices for concession students and adults. Read More







Top 5 beaches to visit in Melbourne

From St Kilda to Brighton, Melbourne has many fantastic beaches to be explored alongside a buzzing and culture packed city atmosphere. Find out which beaches are best for picnics, bbq's, family fun or simply relaxing and enjoying the breath taking landscapes. Here are 5 of David's favourites…Read more