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Krystle Aunger - Krystle Aunger is currently a student of the University of South Australia studying Marketing and Communications. She is hugely social and very active in her local community, frequently volunteering at events especially those involving her great passion of the arts. Feel free to ask her about life in Adelaide and South Australia!

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Krystle Aunger
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Read some of Krystle's local recommendations on things to do in South Australia




Long Weekend on the Limestone Coast

Australians love a long weekend. Some would say it’s unAustralian not to make the most of one. This January long weekend we packed up our car and went camping on a 4-day 1,255kms road trip around the Limestone Coast.

I’ve got four instalments of this long weekend to share! Kicking off with day one, here’s what happened…Read more





Mad March in Adelaide

March in Adelaide is notorious for being mad. Adeladians affectionately call it Mad March! Our arts and cultural social calender centralises around 1 month of the year, March. There’s just so much happening in the square mile of the Central Business District (CBD) it is literally mad. People fill the streets from morning til late at night, car parking is actually impossible, empty venues and shop fronts come alive with popup bars, and the atmosphere of the city is exciting. If you happen to be in Adelaide for Mad March, you are in for a treat!  Read more




Glenelg - Adelaide's Best Local Beach 

If you only get one chance to visit the beach whilst you’re in Adelaide, you should spend that chance on Glenelg, Adelaide’s most popular beach.

Glenelg is located a very convenient 9km from Adelaide and getting there is easy. The one and only tram in Adelaide runs direct from the city to the beach in 30 minutes. On the tram ride you’ll pass through Adelaide’s suburbs and Jetty Road, a huge open air-mall which lines the road for about a kilometre all the way to the Glenelg foreshore.  Read More




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