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Jennifer Anderson – Jennifer Anderson has her ear to the ground and a foot firmly placed in the buzzing Brisbane social and cultural scene. Openly enthusiastic about her home town, city and beyond, she is eager and willing to share her favourite moments with you and help you to discover your own. With its attractive diversity of bucket list opportunities, Queensland is a must see destination on any nomad’s itinerary. Experience life as a local and see Jennifer’s point of view.

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Jennifer Anderson
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Read some of Jennifer's local recommendations on things to do in Queensland



48 Hours in Brisbane

Much of what's worth seeing in the city of Brisbane is relatively concentrated around the CBD. This means you can save time on travel and really pack a lot into your 48 hours. The quickest way to get around is the central train system. If you can't get there by train there's buses servicing all surrounding suburbs. Look up the timetables on the TransLink website or app. There are also free buses, the CityGlider and the Brisbane City Loop, that will take you....  Read more




Tamborine Mountain, Gold Coast Hinterland

This lush rainforest area dominated by National Park and residences elevated on escarpments, is a great place to visit for families with children and teenagers. And unsurprisingly the quiet and serene surrounds – mountain views, lush forest, swimming holes, wineries, quiet cafes – makes for a romantic getaway for couples.. Read more







South Bank Eating

One of Brisbane's must mention attractions is South Bank, the arts and culture hub of Brisbane. By far the most popular area to hit up on a regular basis is the area centered around Stanley Street Plaza - the two blocks of retailers, cafes, bars, restaurants and eateries all mixed in with each other.. Read more





Laneway Culture - Flamingo Cafe 

Find yourself in Fortitude Valley on a Sunday, as I did this past Sunday, and you'll experience the flipside to this bustling night spot. In a lot of ways Brisbane is a bit of a sleepy city - crowds congregate in the CBD by day - where one suburb out of the CBD you'll find quiet streets and oddities. What better way to spend a Sunday.. Read more






Farmers Market in the heart of the CBD 

Staying in the city doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality fresh food we normally associate with the land.  Every Wednesday, conveniently located at the end of Brisbane’s shopping mall, Queen St Mall, you’ll find the Jan Powers Farmers Markets (also found at Albion, Manly, Michelton and at the Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm). Read more






Queensland's iconic XXXX Brewery

Australia has really grown their boutique beer market.  In comes the modern beer drinker, i.e. me.  The modern beer drinker has very little brand loyalty, tastes the metaphoric rainbow and drinks to their mood, the occasion, or whatever other whims they might have... Read more







Indoor Adventure in Brisbane City

Staying in the city often means food, food and more food, late night bar hopping and shopping.  But for those of you who would like to satisfy your need for adventure, Brisbane offers some innovative approaches to achieving a sense of adventure in the city.  Try something new and discover Brisbane in the process with my top picks for indoor adventure... Read more