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  • Hidden Backpackers

    Posted by Chris Jones December 6, 2014 - 1,476 views - 0 comments - 2 likes - #Melbourne  #Accommodation  #restaurant 

    So I've managed to arrive in Melbourne on the same day as the Stereo Sonic Music festival.  As a result my usual plan of just booking flights and making up accomodation as I go along just wasn't working.  Every hostel in the central business district is full to bursting.  So I had to look a little further afield to find a bed for the night.  


    I'm really glad I did because I've found a great little backpackers on Spencer street in North West Melbourne.  Not the most crazy of back packers but it's a friendly, relaxed and has an amazing full restaurant downstairs.  


    The restaurant is a place in it's own right and it's staffed by french guys so you know the food has to be good.  I had the special  for the evening (chicken cheese and ham deliciousness) and a beer for just $15.  Which is damn cheap for Melbourne.  Beer was chilled, food was excellent, (not traditional french stuff, more general pub fare, but I was having the cheapy special.  There were a fair few customers turning up just for the food and it's not of the main tourist drag.  So you can tell it has a good reputation with the locals.  (it's about 5 mins walk from Flagstaff park if you are interested)  Spencer St Backpackers and the restaurant is called "Hotel Spencer Bar and Dining rooms".They'll have a Triptide page soon so I'll add the link here.  


    There are great public transport links back into the city.  I've not checked out the walk back late at night, however I reckon that this is a good place to stay if you are doing daytime stuff.  If you are planning on getting hammered stay somewhere within staggering distance.  That said my belgian and French room mates have gone to Stereo Sonic. 


    The service from the staff is great, they really wanted me to enjoy the evening and I couldn't ask for a warmer welcome. 


    At $29 for a dorm bed and this amazing bar downstairs this feels a bit like staying in a proper hotel.  At least until I have to go and share a dorm with snoring belgians who have just returned from a music festival.  


    If you are  doing a few days in Melbourne and want some early nights, this is a great place to stay.  Since this is the 3rd city I've stayed in on this trip I've now worked out the importance of working out whicn hostels are best for wild nights out.  And which are better when you need to recharge for the next day.  


    Anyway, that's all from a very well fed and slightly tipsy Chris Jones, Good night



    P.S Plus they have full bore proper wi-fi with no pay per minute or pay per mb system.  Hence me being able to write this.