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  • Brisbane Metro Arts

    Posted by Samantha Hodgkins December 17, 2013 - 642 views - 0 comments - 1 like

    On a recent visit to Brisbane, a friend of mine suggested that we met for coffee at the Metro Arts centre on Edward Street. Of particular enticement was the exploration of fandom in a 'Digital Video' exhibition by Daniel McKewen entitled Portraits.


    The flyer that promoted the exhibition stated "Daniel has plundered the flood of imagery generated around celebrity figures to create new works which survey idealised masculine and feminine beauty in Western popular culture."


    The exhibition focused on pop culture, and using video technology took a new look at portratis of icons of contemporary popular culture.


    Portraits is as much an example of the eclectic nature of Daniel’s artistic influences as it is in its representations of the so-called A List. Daniel’s works may feature the faces of the  Kate Perry, Snoop Dogg, Kate Moss, Tom Cruise, Naomi Watts and Harrison Ford, but they also pay homage to the practice of the likes of Candice Breitz, Paul Pfieffer and the late Jeremy Blake.


    I have to say that I love Metro Arts almost as much as I love the exhibition and I was really pleased that my friend, Jenny took me to see it. Metro Arts provides 35 tenancies to artists, small creative businesses. It provies a gallary and then gallery space for these tenants to exhibit their work. It provides up and coming artists affordable facilities for developing their reputations whilst at the same time underpinning exhibition and facility with the support and reputation that only an insitution can provide.


    This is a perfect place to do just what Jenny and I did - Meet for a delicious smoothie or coffee from Melbourne Barista, Sean, enjoy local art and meet local artists. It's a fab atmosphere and a fab way to spend an hour or two.