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  • Rockhampton

    Posted by lynseyola January 17, 2013 - 338 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    I loved my trip up the east coast jumping on and off the Greyhound bus between Sydney and Cairns, staying in lots of different places along the way. 
    I took my time and spent three months on this trip. Most backpackers do the same thing visiting the same places so when I had two weeks to play with in between Fraser island and my Whitsundays trip everyone asked me, "what u going to do?"
    So when the bus rolled into Rockhampton, my travel companion and I were the only two that got off the bus!
    “Rockhampton why are you stopping there?” were many backpackers general reactions! 
    “Why not, it’s on the way,” we replied. We needed to kill time.
    But as you can imagine, we were a little apprehensive! Why wasn’t this spot so popular among fellow travellers?

    Looking through the guide book it seemed like there would be lots to see and do.
    We didn’t bump in to any other backpackers while we were there. 
    The place is architecturally beautiful, and full of colonial era buildings. The locals were so friendly and being in Queensland it was lovely and hot!
    Rockhampton is along the Capricorn Coast, so a bus drive away and you're on a beautiful beach, there’s a zoo and a botanical garden. 
    The settlement was built along the Fitzroy river and is around 600k north of Brisbane. The information centre was great full of ideas to fill the days with, we armed ourselves with maps and bus timetables and went exploring.

    As you can imagine by this point along the east coast, we were in need of a detox and a bit of culture!
    We went to a war museum, a steam tram museum, we also visited a heritage centre and my favourite thing was the Dreamtime Cultural Centre, where I learned all about the traditions of the Aboriginal people and Torres Strait islanders. 
    Rockhampton is in a region known for it’s great beef so my top tip would be to definitely go for a steak whilst your there! 
    I felt like I had found an amazing place along the way that so many people miss out on. 
    If you are looking for lots of different experience out of your east coast trip then don’t miss out on this place.
    I love a night out and enjoyed going to all the beautiful spots along the way, for me my little break in Rockhampton gave me some culture and history in a real Australian town.