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  • Kings Cross

    Posted by lynseyola January 17, 2013 - 666 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    Kings Cross is a suburb in Sydney. It’s a place you will either love or hate, but it’s definitely somewhere worth visiting! 

    Sandwiched in between the areas Darlinghurst, Potts Point and Ruschcutters Bay, it’s a hostel Haven and a lot of backpackers end up staying in this area.

    It’s the party central of the city, and known to locals as the red light district. They often overlook the backpacking culture it seems to offer. 
    I lived in a hostel in the cross for my first seven months in Australia and I loved it. 

    Day or night, the streets are packed, as on offer in this region are heaps of bars, clubs, café’s, strip clubs, restaurants - you name it you can find it here! 

    At the weekend it’s so busy, it feels as though the whole of Sydney turns up for a night!
    With so many hostels dotted around, most nights of the week there’s usually a cheap night out for backpackers going on, which is a great way to meet people. I found after a few weeks you bumped in to the same people and there was a bit of a community feeling. 

    Also a lot of the travel agents have a shop down the main strip where you can get a bit of free Internet and get some advice on trips. 
    There are also a few campervan hire shops down William Street. The place is well built for those of you who are travelling!

    The iconic Coca-Cola sign illuminates the corner of kings cross. Whether you decide to stay in the area or not it’s definitely worth a visit. 
    It’s got great transport links to the rest of Sydney and it’s only a twenty-minute walk in to George Street and the CBD.


    My top tip would be if you have your wits about you in this diverse area than you will have a great time.