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Things to do in Queensland » Blogs » Scooter Roo

  • Scooter Roo

    Posted by lynseyola January 17, 2013 - 1,976 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    The town of Agnes Water along the east coast of Queensland is a beautiful relaxing spot. Here you can lose yourself for hours lying on the beach or exploring the natural parks or reserves. 

    But the thing I enjoyed the most in Agnes Water was Scooter Roo, a bike riding tour the town hosts. And it was a totally awesome day out.

    I’m not an adventure junkie at all, skydiving and bungee jumping doesn’t appeal to me at all, so when someone suggested the Scooter Roo ride, my first thought was ‘I can’t remember the last time I rode a push bike!!!!’ 

    But not one to shy away from new challenges I booked myself on to the tour.

    Arriving at the site where the tour kicked off, the atmosphere was fantastic. 

    ACDC’s ‘Highway to hell’ was blearing out the speakers, and all the ‘bikers’ were given a biker jacket with red and orange flames on the back! 

    We all got into the spirit by putting on fake tattoos and then choose one of the chopper motorbikes (they look like mini Harley Davidson’s and are simple to ride). 

    We all fixed on our crash helmets and were given a lesson on how to ride the bikes.

    After a few laps around a circuit we were deemed ready for the open road! 

    It’s quite a sight, there were around 30 of us on our tour all riding around the town of Agnes Water and up to the town of 1770 in a line. The bikes are relatively easy to ride and there are people to help and guide you along the way if you’re struggling. 

    On the journey, I was amazed by how much local wildlife there is, I even spotted a few kangaroos!

    1770 is a tiny town, which was the second landing in Australia of Captain James Cook. You stop off by the marina, fill up on potato wedges and watch the sun start to go down in this town before riding back to the Scooter Roo site before sunset.

    My top tip is to bring along your camera, to capture the magic, as there are lots of stops along the way for photo opportunities and on the tour they include a professional photo to take home with you.

    The afternoon set me back $75, but it was well worth it. The total bike journey was around 60k, and the staff are excellent and it really is so much fun.

    I recommend it as a must do on your east cost trip.

    Find the Scooter Roo tour at TripTide