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Australia Food & Drink » Blogs » Grace Hotel Seafood Buffet, Sydney

  • Grace Hotel Seafood Buffet, Sydney

    Posted by Jennifer Fletcher July 3, 2013 - 2,111 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #sydney  #hotel  #new south wales  #seafood  #Buffet. Food and Drink 

    Grace Hotel Seafood Buffet- Sydney




    Now there aren’t many buffet-style eateries in Sydney, but I managed to stumble across one when I visited The Grace Hotel one day...


    The popular dining venue, which is open for both guests and locals, has recently launched its Seafood Buffet and is set in the Brassiere on the second floor.

    Prawns, oysters, sea bass, mussels, salmon and a variety of other fresh fish are up for grabs, along with a salad cart, where you can put together your own.


    Grace Hotel seafood buffet


    The mouth-watering collection of food (buffet style) also included clam soup, steamed barramundi, octopus – but if you don’t fancy seafood, then pork and chicken, as well as roast vegetables are still on the menu.

    There’s also a huge sweet stand with over ten different types of delicious cakes that is included.  So naturally my plate was piled high, although I clearly had eaten enough for two people before it came to this!

    The best thing about this type of dining is that you can just keep going up for more. I left having to undo the top button to my jeans because I was so stuffed!

    I didn’t feel too guilty though, as fish is fairly healthy – and the desserts are bite-sized.




    The popular hotel, on Pitt Street, is set right in the heart of the CBD – so it’s an ideal spot for business meetings, family dinners or even a romantic meal for two.


    The special introductory priced buffet is available Tuesdays – Saturdays each week from February until the end of July, and is priced at $45 per person