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Things to Do in Sydney » Blogs » The Swisse Color Run

  • The Swisse Color Run

    Posted by Jennifer Fletcher February 13, 2013 - 342 views - 1 comment - 1 like

    It’s been dubbed the largest and fastest growing 5k race on the planet - and things definitely did seem a lot brighter when Sydney held the Swisse Color Run this weekend!


    With over 20,000 participants attending the event, which was held at Sydney Olympic Park, it was unlike any other running competition, as it’s not about who has the best running time but the aim is to be covered in as much coloured powder by the end!


    Runners are given a white promo T-shirt beforehand, and as they complete the circuit ‘ colour stations’ are dotted at every 1km. Here volunteers throw a shade of powder over the runners. Throughout the course there are pink, red, orange, green, blue and yellow stations.


    The idea behind this quirky event started in Arizona, US, last year and the race is a celebration of being fit and healthy. Since then it has taken off around the world, with the first Australian one being in Melbourne last November.


    I took part in the race on Sunday, and while it wasn’t particularly challenging, it was heaps of fun!


    Many children took part and it was like a big playground, as everyone laughed and excitedly ran through the powder of dust – even the adults were rolling around in the snow-like formations of colour on the ground!


    So far the Sydney event has raised around $200,000 for the charity Heart Kids, and further events will be held around Australia throughout the year, with the second Sydney festival to take place in Centennial Park on August 25


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