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  • The Whitsundays

    Posted by evangeline richards August 21, 2013 - 320 views - 0 comments - 0 likes



    Australia is a country of spectacular beauty, from the dusty miles of the Out back to the glistening jades of the rainforest canopies. A kingdom of natural wonders that welcomes adrenaline junkies and sightseers alike. Winner of the spot for the most idyllic part of the continent, for which there are several strong contenders, is the Whitsunday Islands. This is only personal preference, but how can anyone dispute pristine desert islands and lapping turquoise waves? Excuse me, unless of course you have experienced Paradise.   


    Is that shamelessly unimaginative, to compare the selection of tropical islands to Paradise? Most definitely. But, there is a reason why we have clichés and that is because they can express exactly what you mean. I have never been anywhere so peaceful as the Whitsunday Islands. Not only is the landscape incredible to see; azure sea under an equally bright sky, the expanse of waves broken by islands of white sand circling dense forests, it’s also very soothing to be a part of. You’re away from the rush of the main land and temporarily belong to the pure and undulating ocean. And your only responsibility is to explore this magnificent haven. That’s another aspect that makes the Whitsundays so magnetic. There is an expansive array of ways to discover and experience.


    My favourite memory was to camp on Hook Island under the spread of stars. From the rough to the refined, exhilarating to exquisitely serene, each of the islands offer an opportunity to do something different. Scuba dive the bejewelled Barrier Reef; cruise by catamaran to silent bays and lagoons; soar over the coral as part of a scenic flight; or just sink into the silica sands of the o so ethereal Whitehaven Beach. The common denominator between each place being that nothing is ‘just’.

    Based on my own incredible experience of the magical Whitsundays, I would happily recommend that you make this an essential stop off  during your time on Australia's glistening East Coast!