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    Posted by evangeline richards January 17, 2013 - 274 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    Short +Sweet Festival


       In this New Year, when you will be embracing the opportunity of a life time and visiting the beautiful Australia, a further new exhilarating experience that you can treat yourself to is the international Short+Sweet theatre festival. In 2011 I took part in this festival which has not yet reached Europe, but does take place in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Delhi and as if the tropical adventure haven of Aus didn’t have enough toe tinglingly wonderful sensations and sites to offer; the festivals’ performances take place throughout Australia’s cities and towns.


        The festival is for 10 minute theatre performances. Having never seen, let alone performed in such a short piece, I was curious as to how such a small time slot could offer a fully developed and entertaining piece of theatre. But these few minutes that performers have ensure that the audience must be hooked in from the very beginning. The action takes no time to warm up and the one-liners are hurled at the anticipating viewers from the first breath. Audiences of the show will be spectators of between 10-12 of these pieces that are selected from the hundreds of entries sent in from writers around the country. They will be pulled swiftly into the different world of each story and finally after judges have decided which pieces will go through to the final, prizes will be awarded celebrating a range of roles from the best actor to the best new comer.


      The festival is a unique theatre experience and each show is packed with laughter, touched with poignancy, studded with thrills and charged with raucous amusement. Enjoy some of the most imaginative pieces of Australian theatre and go to Short+Sweet. Or maybe you think you could stun the theatre goers of Dubbo, or Melbourne, and be the next winner of the People’s Choice Award? It’s only ten minutes, it can’t be that hard.