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Things to do in New South Wales » Blogs » Cathy wheels, what a beaut.

  • Cathy wheels, what a beaut.

    Posted by evangeline richards January 17, 2013 - 370 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    New Year’s Eve in Australia is spent, by many, in Sydney.


       ‘I’ll be at the bridge’.


       ‘We’re going to Sydney’.


       ‘We’re going to watch the fireworks’.


    Any of the above statements are frequent answers when inquiring how someone is going to spend their last night of the year in Aus. It’s fair to say that Sydney’s annual firework display is a popular option for New Year celebrations. The fireworks are set off at midnight from seven of the city’s sky scrapers, seven barges around the harbour and the harbour bridge. By nature fireworks are a dazzling event, but Sydney’s donation to the choices of midnight firework displays on the 31st is truly spectacular.


    The harbour’s beauty doesn’t just come from the open stretch of water, it has many different elements. The dynamic vision of the city’s buildings; the smooth arch of the bridge connecting one side of the city to the other; the contrast between the clean cut silhouettes of the sky scrapers and the vibrant headland that outlines the water; the ambling meanders of the harbour’s spread; the maze of boats and ferries that zip across the blue plane; all these factors combine to create the harbour’s awesomeness. So imagine this buzzing and beautiful scene illuminated by billions of lights flooding the sky. Made even more of a sensation as you know how many other pairs of eyes; be it from the plush balcony views of Mosman, or from the windows of the glitzy restaurants that line Darling Harbour, or belonging to the group of stilettoes teetering along George Street, are watching and welcoming the next year. The fireworks last for several minutes, and the expansive harbour is an ideal stage for such a grand and important event. Make sure you spend one of your New Year’s Eve witness to this vivid spectacle.