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  • Cape Tribulation

    Posted by evangeline richards December 17, 2013 - 648 views - 0 comments - 4 likes

    Cape tribulation

    In 1770, British navigator of Australia James Cook found ‘Cape Tribulation’; christened so due to the difficulty he found on reaching this point on the coast. Today travellers can venture up there from Cairns by tour bus. Located within the Daintree national rainforest, Cape Tribulation is one of the furthest points up the East coast that visitors can reach before it becomes inaccessible. This was what I was told anyway, and whether it was this notion that modern society was slipping further away with each roll of the bus wheel, or sleeping wrapped in the rainforest that made me feel a member of Cook’s crew is debateable. But, imagine staying in your hostel, made up of simple cabins of 6 bunk beds which each have their own intimate deck just outside the door. The cabins run in straight lines either side of a wide path that will take you to a large open deck supporting the hostel bar and restaurant. Around these cabins, are dense curtains of leaves, and to look up is to see piercing blue framed by stretching silhouettes of trees. But these are not trees as we know them on our local heath, or alike to Bushy Park; these are rainforest trees. They are swarthy, dark and complex and their branches don’t just grow up, they grow out, and they swing, and their leaves dip like a heavy weight in the air, creeping out from the bushes and into your path. And between them, amber spiders with long black legs sit in the gaps between these trees.

    Asking for directions, and spending a few minutes walking along a beaten path will bring you out to a beach. But again, not beaches as we know them, or even with the same feeling that the rest of the immaculate beaches of the East coast boast. Here you are exposed to the limitless sky and sea, but so hidden from the rest of the world. These are beaches belonging to a place called ‘Cape Tribulation’, and the backdrop of vibrant green rain forest, and the soft white sand that lines the forest and the miles of curving beach that stretches out ahead of you forces you to realise that you are in one of nature’s very special places.

    Whilst in Cape tribulation, along with nature tours through the forest and mornings spent on the beach; I had a go at ‘jungle surfing’. This was an adventure at another level, as you were strapped into a harness and then flew through the forest canopies by zip wire, cutting through the humidity and stopping on platforms built around different trees. Looking down at the rainforest, much like looking up at it, is an incredible experience. Without wanting to sound like a twit, it’s magical. You are literally immersed in the wild; flying over it, trekking through it and joining the other creatures asleep at night in it- even just for a night- cape tribulation is a trip that I would recommend to anyone who has ever wanted to experience the world.