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Australia Culture » Blogs » It's the little things that count

  • It's the little things that count

    Posted by evangeline richards January 17, 2013 - 2,268 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    Australia is known for being hot, rich in beautiful beaches and embracing an active outdoor lifestyle. However, its only when you actually go to a place that you get to know the subtle details that define the culture. So what is it exactly that makes Australia so flippin’ glorious?


    The first detail that the Aussies do so well is breakfast. Now I like a bowl of special K as much as anyone, but Australian breakfast menus are so much more exciting than ours. Going out for breakfast in Australia does not just take place when you are desperately hung over and in need of white toast and eggs (you have worked hard for these eggs), or involving a coffee and a pastry. Of course these are on offer, for the traditionalist, but one of the many things I enjoyed so much when living there is the continual habit of hearing, ‘shall we go out for breakfast?’ Bircher museli, soda bread and eggs on rye, smoothies and poached pear compotes; all of this awaits you in Australia for breakfast on a regular basis. Another factor that makes this more of a norm is the delicious heat. The pleasure of eating at a breakfast café on the beach with the sun is immeasurable. So until you get there, keep your eyes open for attractive breakfast menus. It is the most important meal of the day, she said smugly, and then by the time you arrive you’ll be a natural.


    Another thing on offer in Aus is going to the beach. Obviously, this is what Australia is known for. But over in the Southern Hemisphere a day doesn’t have to be scrupulously planned for when you’re going to go to the beach. Bags are not packed with every form of entertainment from electronic to the deck of cards you got for Christmas to sharpen up your magic skills. The Aussies just turn up. Half way through the day you can just decide to go to the beach, and even then you’re not obliged to stay for hours as that is your plan for the day; you can stay for an hour, throw yourself into the waves, add to your golden tan and then carry on with your day.


    Of course heat is a big part of the above reason, and it’s true that the sun does open up opportunities that a rainy day does not offer. But this doesn’t just apply to the day time. Maybe this is more relevant when you’re a girl, and know that your duffel coat doesn’t look nearly as good over your halter neck as when you embrace the evening bare armed. Sadly in England, beer jackets are necessary and there’s always a queue for the cloak room, but in Aus you can go out at night without the need for warming accessories. You can step out, exactly as you intended and without your carefully crafted outfit smothered under much needed layers. You can actually enjoy being outside and not scuttle from club to club, desperate for the warmth of the four deep bar. A simple cultural aspect that comes with any hot climate, but Australia is such a sociable culture that this little factor is extremely helpful.


    So there you have it, three of my favourite daily occurrences that Australian life has to offer, and well worth checking out for yourself. A few more to leave you thinking about that they do so well:


    ×          Tim-tams (they rival even the humble chocolate digestive and tea can in fact be drunk through each melted end)

    ×           Juice bars.

    ×          Coffee (its much better than ours in London).

    ×          Surfing, and the constant offer of surf lessons.

    ×          Bonfires on the beach.