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  • Fraser Island

    Posted by evangeline richards January 17, 2013 - 392 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    Fraser Island


    The first time I heard Cee Lo Green’s anthem ‘F*** You’ was riding across the sand dunes of Fraser Island in a 4x4. The music blared, the French college kids in my tour group sang, and the car continued mercilessly over the beaches dense contours. It was the beginning of the Fraser Island Dingo’s adventure tour; 2 days and nights spent exploring the vast beauty of the giant sand island.


    Taking the barge over from Rainbow Beach, each group of eight travellers fills one of the seven 4WDs. The cars are packed not only with intrepid passengers but with the camping gear that will be home for the next few days. But between the mornings spent cooking breakfast with your group, and the evenings taken up with beers on the beach with your fellow campers, the duties of the day were to explore Fraser Island. The Island is made up of long beaches wrapped around the thick rainforest in the centre. Amongst the trees, the island harbours many large lakes which you will make visits to. The first we saw is Lake Wabby, surrounded by eucalyptus forest and the home to ginormous catfish. Personally, the experience of my parent’s homing these fish and believing when I was seven that they were fully able to swim up from their fish tank and into my bath, was enough for me, and I chose to lounge by the side of the lake instead. But Fraser’s lakes hold some of the cleanest water in the world, and I did get my chance for the ultimate cleanse when we came to Lake Mckensie. The water is almost pure silica, which means that on entering the water, your hair will be washed, which you can hear from the soft squeaks that it will give after.


    Other visits we made were to, the champagne pools; a beautiful selection of rock pools that look exactly as you would imagine ‘champagne pools’ to look, ‘Indian head’; a point on the head land where you can spot whales, turtles and dolphins, and Eli Creek; a crystal clear water way that will pull you effortlessly across the beach.


    Fraser Island is a trip for the adventurer, the photographer, the rock climber, the beach bather and for those that just want to have a good time. I would recommend it to anyone.