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Australia Tours » Blogs » 7 Australian Must-Sees

  • 7 Australian Must-Sees

    Posted by EDrury46 March 10, 2013 - 639 views - 2 comments - 1 like - #australia  #sydney  #great barrier reef    #brisbane  #cairns  #tour  #Undara  #Uluru  #Kata Tjuta  #Daintree Rainforest  #Barron Gorge  #Springbrook National Park 

    Sometimes, in my experience at least, I've liked and had the ability to create my own tour. I've researched places that are popular with previous travellers, and also those that might not be as widely publicised. The following will hopefully give a few ideas as to the type of place you might like to visit, or there might be a particular location I've mentioned that sounds ideal for your stay due to its geography or content.



    1.  The City

    Aside from Sydney, which is one of the most iconic sights of Australia, this marvellous country also boasts home to several other grand and stunning city locations. These pictures, of Brisbane and looking out across Cairns show how even in the city, there are still some stunning views around. There is always something to do or see in the city (not to mention attempting to walk across every bridge! - Brisbane alone has 16 bridges, with the William Joly and Merivale bridges present in this photo.) Due to Australia's size, the cities are wonderfully spacious in comparison to somewhere like London, thus allowing it to retain its 'city-esque' feel without the overcrowding and claustrophobic feel that might be attached to some of the world's major cities. Of course, Sydney is always worth a visit, and there are some stunning and famous sights there, including the grand Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


    2.  Uluru and Kata Tjuta:

    These are incredibly popular destinations to visit and learn more about, and thus, they are must see sights on a visit to Australia. I've mentioned before about the marvellous sunsets you can witness here, and if given the chance I would definitely go back and witness these wonderfulsights again. The colour of the rocks and sky, and the vast and free space that surrounds it makes it an idyllic view for any traveller.


    3.  King's Canyon

    Not too far from Uluru and Kata Tjuta is the incredible King's Canyon. There are several walks or treks along or down the canyon that can be undertaken, and even in an area of red soil, plant and animal life is still varied and interesting. It really is an area that could be mistaken for a CGI creation for a film. It is exquisitedly beautiful whilst retaining the characteristics of the wild, untamed outback.


    4. Undara Caves

    For something completely different, exploring the caves at Undara provides an interesting and unusual outing. These are not the only caves in Australia that are worth exploring, but just an example of what lies in store. The multi-tonal rock surfaces, the different chambers that make up the lava tube system and the bats that hide away in them till night fall can all be discovered, or rather, uncovered. The basis for the tubes were initially formed by the lava from Undara volcano solidifying on top whilst molten lava still flowed beneath. When Undara stopped erupting for good, this molten lava flowed away leaving the lava tubes that can be explored today.


    5. The Rainforest

    There are several rainforests in Australia, one of the best known being the rainforests in Springbrook National Park. This is particularly familiar to the British public because it is whereI'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here is filmed. The Daintree Rainforest also being a popular tourist destination, both for non-Australians and Australians alike. This particular photo is of the Freshwater Creek State Rainforest, near Cairns, which has a Sky-Rail line that passes through it so that all the levels of the rainforest can be seen. Whichever rainforest you choose to visit in Australia, you can guarantee seeing some incredible sights, both of the great heights to which the trees reach, to the great expanse that the rainforests cover.

    6. Rivers and Gorges

    There is something quite spectacular and powerful about rivers, and Australia is home to several. I particularly liked seeing the Barron Gorge and River, which nestle into the Freshwater Creek State Rainforest mentioned above. Katherine Gorge is also well worth exploring, since it is made up of 13 gorges altogether in the Northern Territory. Other notable rivers are, the Gibb River (Western Australia) - which also has the Kimberly Gorges, Blackwood River (South-West), Port River (South) - alongside dolphins!, and the Yarra River (Victoria).


    7. By the sea - or under it!

    Australia is most famous for the Great Barrier Reef, but its beautiful sandy beaches and blue shores add to the magnificent impression of it all. I have posted a series on ways of seeing the Great Barrier Reef before, and with an underwater camera you can capture some great images of coral life and the fish that inhabit it. A walk along the beach is also a wonderfully relaxing way of spending an afternoon, or even an early morning/late evening stroll. And again: look at that sunset!



    If you have any particular Australian views or locations you love, do say - I'd love to hear of other places I haven't visited that have a special place in your travel experiences.