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  • Australia - Wish I was there this Christmas

    Posted by EDrury46 January 17, 2013 - 833 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    I've loved following the TripTide 'Dream Destinations' posts this Christmas season, and they've certainly made me really wish that I could be in one of those beautiful parts of Australia right now (instead of a muddy, wet and cold part of England... which covers most of the country I guess!) So I thought I'd write a little Christmassy blog today on my top 5 Australian destinations or types of location that I would really love to be at right now. Some are from what I've seen on the TripTide site, and others are places I've visited before and would love to visit again because they made such a great impression on me first time round.


    5. Around the Campfire:

    From general polls that have been conducted time and time again, it seems that barbeques and campfires are the stereotyped Australian way of celebrating Christmas. And indeed I certainly wouldn't mind spending a few Christmases like that myself. One particularly wonderful campfire experience I recall, was in Undara. Breakfast and Supper were spent around the campfire, talking to other travellers about their adventures and eating glorious food, feeling quite like we were part of The Swiss Family Robinson or like the children in Swallows and Amazons on their adventure to the island. There is something quite magical about an Australian campfire meal and sit. Partly this is helped by the weather, which on the whole is a lot more pleasant than the cold and the rain of England; but also the act of being somewhere different for Christmas - somewhere so exotic, friendly and with such out-of-this-world scenery. Looking back at the 'Dream Destinations' posts now, I can imagine that campfires on the Perry Sandhills, or on Kangaroo Island would be spectacular - particularly at sundown!


    4. On a Hike:
    I love long walks and hikes up mountains, across valleys, alongside rivers etcetera. And the thought of a Christmas day hike in Australia is one that particularly takes my fancy. Areas such as the Daintree Rainforest, or around Uluru are very nice places for a good family walk and to relax in the great outdoors. Looking back at the 'Dream Destinations' photos, somewhere that looked particularly impressive is the Flinders Ranges. But for me, the place that I would really love to go on a proper hike on Christmas day is somewhere in the Blue Mountains. Every photo I've ever seen of the Blue Mountains has always been absolutely stunning, and I think that would be a marvellous way to spend Christmas - exploring Australia from great heights!

    3. In the City:

    I'm not much of a city person myself (hence I love Australia because there's so much to see that isn't city based/focused). However, spending Christmas day in Melbourne or Sydney is fantastic. The weather is good, people lovely, and the sights are still pretty good, even if they're not the sights of mountains or trees or animals that you'd get in the outback. And of course there's always the Boxing Day Cricket Match in Melbourne, which I would most certainly put on my Christmas schedule if I was going out to Australia! I for one am looking forward to the Australia-Sri Lanka test this year!


    2. In the Bush:

    The Australian bush and outback make wonderful, peaceful and extraordinarily different Christmas locations. The humming of the crickets in the background, the spectacular sunsets across red deserts and an opportunity to combine this location with a campfire Christmas as well. It is something quite unlike what many of us experience in our Christmas celebrations in the UK and thus is a brilliant way to spend a Christmas in Australia, because of its difference to anything we'd normally experience. Places that come to mind as ideal locations for this type of Christmas are: areas around Uluru, Alice Springs, and parts of Cape Tribulation.


    1. On the Beach:

    A BBQ on the beach? At Christmas? Sounds silly really, but in Australia, that sounds just perfect. It's warm enough to take a swim, or go on a day excursion out snorkelling/diving/kayaking on the Great Barrier Reef, or simply just relax on the shore side - eat, drink, be merry and watch the sun set against the gentle waves. In fact, looking again at the 'Dream Destinations' photos, there were several pictures of the Great Barrier Reef or beaches, all of which looked dream-like and completely perfect for a Australian Christmas. I think the only difficulty would be in choosing which beach to visit! Cape Tribulation has lovely beaches, then there is Airlie Beach, or even Wineglass Bay in Tasmania. Another picture that captured my interest was that of the Twelve Apostles (a misnomer... there's only nine stacks! An interesting place to research though). But I think, if I only had one Christmas to spend by the beach, I would have to spend it at Admiral's Arch on Kangaroo Island - great scenery, the sea and some spectacular geography too! What more could you ask for?!



    Anyway, these are just to tickle your imagination into possibly now planning ahead for a future Christmas in Australia (I know I am!). For anyone who hasn't yet seen the 'Dream Destinations' pictures, the link is here:


    So I hope you're all having a very lovely Christmas, and enjoy the rest of the holiday season. And don't forget to follow the Melbourne Boxing Day match tomorrow!