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Things to do in Queensland » Blogs » The Great Barrier Reef Part 4: Glass Bottom Boat

  • The Great Barrier Reef Part 4: Glass Bottom Boat

    Posted by EDrury46 January 17, 2013 - 498 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    Recently I've been looking at different ways of seeing and exploring the Great Barrier Reef, and I wanted to finish this 'series' so to speak by looking at a way of seeing what lies under the water without having to get a hair on your head wet. A glass-bottomed boat or a semi-submarine, is a wonderful way to view the Barrier Reef. It doesn't require the ability to swim, or a certain level of fitness - all it requires is appreciation for the big blue sea.




    In a glass-bottom boat, the under-water world is completely accessible. It has a similar impact to diving, with the fact that the fish end up at eye-level, with just a pane of glass in-between. The fish, sharks, turtles - you name it - swim alongside and below the boat, allowing them to be viewed close up from all angles. It is a particularly brilliant way of introducing small children to marine life, and the Great Barrier Reef because it is a very family friendly activity and completely safe and easy! It is also not a very expensive activity to go on, making it an even more ideal activity for young families or those who aren't up to snorkelling, kayaking or diving.

    There is nothing lost from the experience of seeing the Great Barrier Reef from a glass-bottom boat. Some people might prefer to snorkel or dive, and the only argument I can think of that might be posed in favour of one over the other, is that there is a pane of glass in-between the viewer and the fish in the boat. However, it is then important to remember that the fish and the coral are wild, and precious, and so trying to get much closer with them is something that wouldn't be respectable anyway.


    I would highly recommend experiencing the underwater world from this perspective. It's easy, affordable, safe, (comfortable - you even get seats!), and the views are incredible from all angles. I would definitely go and see the reefs again from a glass-bottom boat, and can't wait for an opportunity to go back and do so!


    Whether you go and experience the Great Barrier Reef by sea kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving or on a glass-bottom boat, you will have (pardon the pun) a whale of a time. They are all unbelievably wonderful ways of seeing the coral and marine life, and when you do go, however you experience it, I know that you will be in awe of the life below the waves. Enjoy!


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