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Things to do in Queensland » Blogs » The Great Barrier Reef Part 1: Sea Kayaking

  • The Great Barrier Reef Part 1: Sea Kayaking

    Posted by EDrury46 January 17, 2013 - 316 views - 0 comments - 1 like

    There are many ways to see the Great Barrier Reef, more of which I'll talk about some other time, but one way is by sea kayak. I went 'paddle trekking' (sea kayaking) off of Cape Tribulation. We had waterproof bags for our cameras and any other bits and bobs, and got our lifejackets and paddles. My particular trek paired us up, which meant there was an extra pair of eyes to look out for interesting things to see!



    We were able on our trek to paddle directly over some coral beds (providing it wasn't so shallow that we'd scrape along them and damage them). This was a really nice way of viewing the reef. We didn't have the limits of seeing the reef only from side view whilst snorkelling or diving (though there's nothing wrong with either of those!) Seeing the reefs directly from above meant we could see all the individual fish swimming in and out of their coral homes, and gaze in awe at the marvellous, intrinsic details and variations of the corals themselves.


    Another plus about kayaking is that it removes some of the disorientation that snorkelling can cause, since the kayaker can see their bearings at all times, but it maintains the sense of freedom. You are free to kayak around, without necessarily having to follow another kayak unless you so want to. This freedom means that everyone on a particular trek gets to explore and see different things. When I went, some people saw small sharks and plenty of fish, and initially I hadn't seen anything particularly dramatic. But, this made the whole trek quite exciting. It wasn't a fixed 'tour' where you see everything there is - it was completely wild and free, and so what we did see, we were very lucky to see! Nevertheless, the highlight for me had to be seeing a small green turtle taking a breather! It went along bobbing up and down in the waves.



    Sea Kayaking is definitely a good way to see the reef for those who aren't into white water rafting, can't go diving and dislike snorkelling. It's safe and fun and pretty relaxing too! And as ever with wildlife, you never know what you may find!



    P.S. Some of these pictures I took with one of those underwater cameras ('old fashioned' style, with a film!) Also important to note that the colours of the coral that we have become so used to seeing on the television etc. appear as such due to the lighting equipment used by the film crews, hence my pictures aren't quite as 'colourful'. Seeing the reef in the flesh though far exceeds any television viewing of it though!