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Things to do in Queensland » Blogs » I'm NOT a celebrity get me in there! - Australian wildlife

  • I'm NOT a celebrity get me in there! - Australian wildlife

    Posted by EDrury46 January 17, 2013 - 510 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here might have come back to our screens (either to your annoyance or amusement), and aside from the incredible panoramic images of the hilly and mountainous regions of the Springbrook Plateau (Springbrook National Park, Queensland's Gold Coast), it seems to present a pretty bleak look at life in Australia. All the images of snakes, spiders, bugs etcetera - it hardly seems like the most ideal place to spend a holiday. BUT! Before you stop reading, I think it is the exoticness of Australia's wildlife that makes this country so special, and at least on holiday you don't deliberately go planning to stick your head in a bowl full of maggots. I personally don't think the show does this part of Australia enough justice.


    I will confess I am far from a fan of snakes and spiders, but Australia's variety of these creatures still interests me. Especially in the outback, or in the less populated regions of the country, wildlife runs free, and explorers never know quite what they will see. I haven't yet been to the Gold Coast, but I was lucky enough during my time exploring areas further North of Brisbane, including Cape Tribulation to see several creatures. I did see a few snakes, but seeing them in the wild, although somewhat unnerving was actually pretty amazing. No glass cases and posing for photos with a python around your neck, just natural viewing. Spider wise, I only actually recall seeing one particular spider... and it was huge. But then, it certainly added to the overall experience!


    But then Australian wildlife is much more than just these creatures. I got to see the more appealing creatures in the wild such as kangaroos, parakeets, kookaburras, bats, dolphins and whales, as well as a shark (which I will confess might not come under 'appealing' but was still a highlight of the trip).

    For those of you who, like me, would rather be anywhere than near snakes, spiders and the like, don't let programmes like I'm a Celebrity or reading about such creatures put you off visiting the wilder parts of Australia. It truly is worth a visit, and it really isn't like I'm a Celebrity with bugs and 'nasty' surprises on every corner. Instead, on every corner, there is 

    never-ending beauty in the scenery and who knows what you may discover, either with wildlife or with locations. Believe me, I might not be a celebrity, but I would definitely want to 'get back in there', back to Australia and maybe even go to Springbrook National Park to see the real Australia that reality TV doesn't show us.