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  • Camel Trekking

    Posted by EDrury46 December 17, 2013 - 327 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    Another great way to experience Australia and take in its breath-taking landscape is to go on a camel trek. Some might argue it's like riding a horse - but I disagree. Firstly, the camels are on a lead so can't go tearing off into the unknown with some poor tourist on the back; secondly, all the camels I've seen have been pretty lazy so the idea of it doing anything other than plodding is unlikely; and thirdly, the rider doesn't have to control the camel in any way because that's the guide's job. Consequently, I found camel riding great fun - their gentle sway with their walk makes it quite relaxing as well - and I got to see some wonderful scenery.

    The trek I went on was around the areas surrounding Uluru (or Ayres Rock, as it is otherwise known) at sunset. We started off in daylight but caught the most spectacular sights of Uluru and Kata Tjuta standing proud against the brilliant colours of the Australia sunset - (I am yet to see a sunset quite like it in the UK).

    For our camel trek helmets were compulsory along with the hair nets - but don't let that put you off. It might not be the most attractive accessory in the world but it's a health and safety requirement, and no more than you'd expect from any place that deals with animals, health or food. We did have the luxury of sitting on lovely, comfortable and gorgeously soft sheep-wool rugs though!


    The particular place where our trek was lead from also provided refreshments after the trek giving tourists a chance to try - if they wished - camel meat (tastes like chicken), and to learn more about camels: their habits, lifestyle and needs. It was an interesting and educational experience for adults and children alike, without the feeling of it being 'schoolish'.


    It is a great outing to do whether you're travelling on your own, with a family or with a larger party. It's something different and fun and I will never forget the sights I saw on my trek!