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  • Camping in the Australian Outback

    Posted by EDrury46 December 17, 2013 - 1,901 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    Camping is generally, in my experience at least, regarded in two different lights - a wet and muddy, regularly enjoyed, adventure for crazy, country-bumpkin walkers or a one off wet and muddy experience for those who just want to say 'yes, I've been camping' and to tick it off their list of things to do. I have been fortunate enough to have camped in New Zealand, Tanzania (Africa) and Australia, as well as in the UK too and I personally loved it.


    When I was in Australia, I stayed at several different campsites and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Australian camping doesn't have to be a 'mat-on-the-floor' job and in fact there are several sites all around Australia for the 'posh' campers out there.  The tents are still there, the cooking over a fire etcetera, but the 'posh' part is created via beds.  Depending on the site, depends on how substantial the beds are; they generally range from full hotel beds to proper camping beds, mattresses et al. And for those of you who prefer the traditional camping style the mat-on-the-floor kit is available too.


    I found camping in Australia was an unbelievable amount of fun. You can find yourself completely surrounded by nature with the wallabies bouncing around in between tents during the day and the kookaburras doing their very best to coax you into allowing them some of your breakfast. The peaceful sound of the crickets in the bushes allows holiday makers to feel really at one with the wildlife without the hassle of airing the tents, checking for unwanted guests, setting up the gear and finding a spot for everything.  Australia provides its campers with ideal camping lodgings in ideal locations without the campers having to raise a hammer for the tent pegs.  If you want to experience Australian bush life without getting your hands dirty, then camping is by far the best way to do so!


    The atmosphere is one of pure, unadulterated delight amongst campers each morning as people glide around preparing themselves for that day's activity. The stereotypical hotel hubbub is nowhere to be found; in its place is an independent and relaxed area as everyone rediscovers the joys of the outdoors and the ever-breath-taking surroundings of Australia's lands.


    One particular location I stayed at was in Undara (north-east Queensland approximately 4 hours west from Cairns).  It provided experiences for every type of camper from staying in railway carriages, 'swagging' it in permanent tents provided with beds, all the way to basic lodges and camping spaces for those with their own vans and tents.  The site had its own facilities - including hot and cold water  and communal areas such as an amphitheatre and 'bush breakfast' site. However, don't underestimate the spacial qualities of the site - there was always plenty of room for everyone to have their own privacy.


    When I next get the chance, I'll without doubt be booking my space in more campsites across Australia to relive that experience and fall even deeper in love with the Australian outback.