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  • Australian Open

    Posted by ilonavogel January 17, 2013 - 478 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #Melbourne 

    To all tennis fans and everyone who loves a great day out


    January - January in Melbourne means the colour blue. It's time for the world's best tennis players to come together for the first highlight of the year - the first grand slam, the Australian Open. Over a period of two weeks, Melbourne park turns into an experience you wouldn't want to miss, tennis fan or not. For tennis fans, of course it is a must see and everyone knows it and will be there. For people who don't play or follow tennis I still definitely recommend you check out this fantastic event, as it is so much more than simply tennis. The whole city is covered in blue. People dress up in colours of the nation they support. Yes in some countries tennis is known as a "quiet" sport, but not in Australia, here people cheer in between points. The summer feeling also adds to a fantastic day out. People gather on the grounds of Melbourne Park to socialize.


    The best way to experience the Australian Open is with a ground pass during the first week. A ground pass is affordable and allows the public to watch any match on all the outside courts. Only Rod Laver and Hisense Arena tickets have to be purchased separately (which again is a must for tennis fans). During the first week, some of the world's best players can be seen on the outside courts. However, if you'd rather see an exciting match than watching the world number 3 race through the first round in three short sets, check the matches of the more unknown players, as they usually have amazing matches in the first few rounds. Apart from the obvious, spectators can also see legend doubles, wheelchair tennis, enjoy a variety of bars or see what the different companies are offering. And if you are not sure what to do for Australia Day - the Australian Open is definitely a top tip from me.