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  • Crown Casino

    Posted by ilonavogel January 17, 2013 - 386 views - 0 comments - 1 like -   #Melbourne 

    One of Melbourne's main attractions is definitely the Crown Casino.

    Located at beautiful Southbank by the Yarra River it attracts thousands of people every single day. Some might catch the crown fire that goes off every hour from 9pm.

    Of course, a casino is a casino, but Crown Casino means so much more than that.


    I remember one night in particular. It would have been at the end of October. I literally spent the night at Crown. No, not to gamble, or party all night. I stood (at some stages even slept) in line to purchase a ticket for the Australian Open's

    men final when they first came on sale the next morning.

    Some people might say that's crazy, some understand it and some might just like to read about it.

    Friends and I were across town at Melbourne's version of the Oktoberfest. At around 1.30 am I decided it was time to leave to get a good spot in the queue. Arriving at crown around 2 am I wasn't the only one crazy enough to line up in front of the ticketmaster booth.

    Situated right outside a bar, by the movie theater ticket booth and across the music store I had the perfect spot to watch people all night – it was a blast. Eventually I got tired though and laid down for a little snooze. That only lasted until the security guards came and made me stand up as – I leave them that – it doesn't look too nice having people crashing on the casino's floor.


    And remember, this was just one out of many nights...

    Bars, nightclubs, tickets, movies, food courts, restaurants, shops, concerts, comedy, gambling, arcade machines, poker tournaments, hotel rooms, work/private functions, awards...the list of opportunities at Crown Casino is endless. You name it, they've got it!