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  • Relocation cars

    Posted by ilonavogel January 17, 2013 - 442 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    When traveling around Australia there are a lot of ways one can choose to get from A to B: Flying, coaches, trains, own vehicle, rentals, shared rides, hitchhiking, bicycles or even walking.


    One option in particular is not well known but definitely handy to know about. Relocation cars.

    Many car rental operators list their cars/camper vans/4WD or mobile homes that they need to have relocated on various websites. It is similar to renting a vehicle except it is very cheap. Last time I did it, it was 5 AUD a day (or less). On top of that most operators also offer to pay for some of the fuel.

    However, you must be aware of certain details. The operators offer the cheap relocation because they need the vehicle in another city. So most of the time you won't have the vehicle as long as you wish for. It is rather a way to get you from one city to another in a cheap and fun way as you can take others along on your road trip. Sometimes it is possible to extend the relocation period with extra rental days. Those days will be more expensive, but well worth it if there is something you wanted to see on the way.

    Even though you are told what kind of vehicle you will be relocating it is always subject to change. For example, I was prepared to relocate a 4WD and ended up with a camper van instead. If you are flexible, no worries!



    From my experience with working at a car rental operator I can also give you the following advice to save you time and frustration: Car rental shops are very busy in the mornings. Every customer wants to head out as soon as possible to make full value of their rental. Of course being a relocation customer you are not their top priority. In order to avoid waiting around for hours just come to pick up your vehicle about three to four hours after the opening time of the shop and you will be on the road in no time.

    Another option to consider is picking up the vehicle around an hour before closing. Returning customers are already back trying to give away spare food, camping gear, games, etc. FREE.