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  • White Water Rafting at Tully River

    Posted by ilonavogel December 17, 2013 - 293 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    It's just sitting in a blown up boat, pretending to use the paddle given to you, looking stupid in a life vest and helmet floating down a river, right?
    To be honest, that was my impression of white water rafting before that particular day in November.

    The tour included a pick up and transfer to Tully. Again, an early morning start for me as I got picked up from Mission Beach. The bus ride to the base of the company in Tully was already a lot of fun as you got a chance to meet fellow adventurers. Before we took another short bus ride to the rafting starting point gear, groups and instructors were allocated at the base. Gear, groups and instructors were all allocated at the base before we took another short bus ride to the rafting start point.

    At the river everyone got in their allocated seats. I thought it didn't really matter where everyone took a seat but trust me, it does. There were eight travelers and one instructor on our raft.
    The first part of the river is fairly calm so the instructor gets a chance to teach various paddling techniques and commandos.
    Soon the rapids of the river picked up and we all had to work hard to steer the raft through the rapids. It was a lot of fun but also exhausting. In total we spent about five hours on the river (including a much needed lunch break, rafting, swimming and cliff diving). Why does it matter where people are seated? In order to get through some rapids, fast acceleration (and therefore power in your arms) plus body weight balance is needed to not flip over. We did flip over and it was a scary experience!!
    Lucky we reached the calm part of the river right after our flip. That’s when everybody could show off their cliff diving skills or just float down the river enjoying the sun.

    To sum it up. A day out with a lot of fun but it definitely is a sport.