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  • Lake Cootharaba

    Posted by ilonavogel December 17, 2013 - 140 views - 0 comments - 0 likes

    If you know Australia’s geography really well, excellent.  If not, please feel free to open Google maps (like me) and type in “Lake Cootharaba”. You should now be somewhere along the coast of Queensland? That’s where I would like to take you.


    Lake Cootharaba is not on the “normal” east coast itinerary for travellers.  However, it was one of my most memorable experiences, which is why I would like to share it.


    I chose to do a 3 day / 2 night unguided canoeing trip.


    Me, the canoe and nature.  Starting from Boreen Point it takes about three hours to cross lake Cootharaba.  There is a beautiful little wooden cottage with information boards about the area and a short nature walk on the north end of the lake.  A perfect location for lunch.

    The fairly simple campsite we chose is along the Upper Noosa River. The only challenge is to find the “right” entrance of the river.  Once that’s out of the way it is an amazing experience as no petrol-run boats are allowed on the river.  It is you, the canoes and nature.


    Upper Noosa river in the morning.

    If you now go back and look at the map again – there is a sandy patch in the middle of the national park. That’s where you can hike to on day two of the trip. Absolutely stunning and well worth the effort! The fact that there is such a huge sand patch in the middle of the forest is unbelievable.


    Getting up super early in the morning hardly ever seems like a good idea.  On the last day of the trip, however, it is a brilliant idea.  Paddling down the mirror like river and back across the lake, seeing not a single soul on the way, is a fantastic way to finish off a perfect nature getaway.