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  • Tower of Terror ll Roller Coasters Rides

    Posted by Anya Joe June 16, 2017 - 660 views - 0 comments - 1 like - #Roller Coasters  #Tower of Terror 

    The Tower of Terror is steel roller coasters situated in the Dream world amusement park, on the Gold Coast, Queensland, and Australia. It was opened for public use on 23 January 1993. Tower of terror has set the world record of the top speed of 160.9 kilometres per hour. Due to this record, it’s tallest and longest roller coasters in the world for the 5 years after the launched. The roller coasters ride is situated on the Dreamworld Tower which was also known for Giant Drop free fall ride experience. Roller coaster ride here is usually known as the Tower of Terror until it was redesign in 2010.


    Original Ride


    The tower of terror was a horizontal ride trace, height 5 meters from the ground, spread 330 meters across the park, while the vertical tower constructed on imposing 38 stories into the sky. The total weight of the car is 6 tonnes, and it can capable to carrying 15 passengers support by the linear motor systems which boost the speed to maximum speed.
    The cars gain the top speed in just a few milliseconds and going forwarding with rocketing speed of 206 meters tunnel at the speed reaching 161 kilometres per hour. The rides shout 100 meters into the atmosphere for the several seconds of stomach-churning weightlessness at its peak before coming back to starting point.


    Tower of Terror Ride



    Up to 15 riders can take a ride at one time. If you are looking some things extreme thrill and scariest roller coaster ride, then don’t miss Tower of Terror ll..

    The relaunching of Tower of Terror ll has been beginning in December 2009. It was done to enhance the attraction of Dream Work amusement park. In 2010, the further fuel of fire was added to the fire when one news reporter commented on the possible feature of Tower Terror ll..


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