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  • Steel Dragon 2000 - Top 10 roller coasters

    Posted by Anya Joe May 9, 2017 - 890 views - 0 comments - 1 like - #Roller Coasters 


    Steel Dragon 2000 is located at Nagashima SPA land Amusement Park in Japan. This roller coaster was constructed by the Morgan Manufacturing. It was opened for public on January first, 2000. Dragon named came from Chinese year of the dragon in 2000 and Steel that come from the used of steel to build this roller coaster that is more than any other roller coasters on the planet. It also is known for its longest track length in the world that is mighty 8,133 ft. This roller coaster has all necessary earthquake protections and putting it cost more than 50 million dollars.

    In 2000, the steel dragon won the title “The Year of Dragon” in Asia. It's debuted 3 months after Millennium Force surpassed the world’s tallest complete circuit coaster. And it lost that record in 2003 when Top Thrill Dragster launched at Cedar Point. The Steel Dragon is second fastest and 6th extreme roller coaster in the world. And at opening year of Steel Dragon, the park president received certificates from the CEO of Guinness World records for 4 records broken by this roller Coaster,


    The length of roller coasters is 2,479 miles, height 318.3 ft, and drop 306.8 ft. The maximum speed of Steel Dragon is 95 miles per hour, and total ride duration is 4 minutes.


    Steel Dragon was designed by the Steve Okamoto and built by the Morgan Manufacturing Company. It has 7 cars per train; total 28 riders can sit at the single ride. All are arranged in the 2 across in 2 rows. The Steel Dragon 2000 originally operated with 6 cars that were made by Morgan. In March 2013, B&M trains were added.


    In 2003, one of the trains loses a wheel due to the shared axle. One passenger suffers from the major back injury and another 28 years old passenger fallen in the water park. He had got injured when he was hit in the hip with the wheel.


    The construction of Steel Dragon 2000 consumers steals more than other roller coasters in the world. And Steel Dragon is fully earthquake protected. All it designed put the cost more than 50 million dollars. In 2003 the Steel Dragon 2000 got the new train from the Bolliger and Mabillard.