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  • Formula Rossa- Top Roller Coasters

    Posted by Anya Joe May 2, 2017 - 496 views - 0 comments - 1 like - #travel tips  #Roller Coasters  #Top 10 Roller Coasters 

    Formula Rossa Overview

    Formula Rossa is the fastest roller coaster in the world. You will accelerate up to 240 km/h in just a few seconds and what 1.7 Gs really feel like. The rider will scream over the track and 52 meters into the sky before flying through the chicanes and crossing the finishing line on Formula Rossa’s track.

    Formula Rossa is the world famous for speed, aerodynamics and engineering innovation. Formula Rossa will take you on the most thrill  roller coasters ride of your life. The riders have to wear protective eyeglass before going to ride. Eyeglass designed to protect riders’ eye from the wind force generated by coaster’s high speed. The Formula Rossa has similar hydraulic winch system used to launch space jet planes. F1 roller coaster area use 20,800 horsepower and propelled to a 52 meter within the 5 second or less.

    The complete ride has full of thrill experience and 2.07-kilometer long track full of sudden turns and sharply dropped.


    Key Facts about Formula Rossa Roller Coasters


    • F1 is the fastest roller coaster on the planet.
    • It can gain 0 to 100 kilometre in just 2 seconds.
    • Hydraulic winch system uses 20,800 Horsepower.
    • Track length 2.07 kilometre.
    • Built by Jack Rouse Associates.
    • Constructed by the Intamin.
    • Train- 4 cars, 4 riders per car, total 16 passengers.
    • Maximum elevation 52 meters.
    • Minimum elevation 1.5 meters.
    • G-force – 1.7
    • Total area occupies 8.48 Hectares.
    • Sharpest turn at 70 degrees.

    About Ferrari World Abu Dhabi


    Formula Rossa will have come into the best coasters in the world in the world. It is also largest indoor and first Ferrari theme park. It will be an intense multi-sensor experience and a must visit enthusiast fans and family. Here we will get 20 unique rides, multiple attractive shows, like world’s fastest rollercoaster, Ferrari World’s Abu Dhabi will be celebrating past, present and future of Formula Rossa roller Coaster. Ferrari World’s Abu Dhabi is a World class development by Aldar Properties PJSC.