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  • Highest Bungee Jumping Locations In the world

    Posted by Anya Joe March 5, 2017 - 475 views - 0 comments - 1 like - ##travel  ##Bungee Jumping Locations  ##tour 


    Bungee jumping usually takes place from height buildings, Bridges or cranes, but this can also attempt from moving object such as helicopter and hot air balloon. As a jumper freely falls from height and momentum take upwards. This Up and Down like movement continues till the elastic cord loses all its energy. If you want some extreme adventure tour, do not miss Bungee Jumping. It is the best way to test how much you are brave. Have ever imagined how a bird feels while flying in the sky? Bungee jumping makes a feel you like wings grown up, and you are flying in the sky. Hurtling down from the height may seem frightening but here we have provided you safe, reliable places for bunging jumping around the world..


    World's Highest Bungee Jumps locations:-


    1. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, United State:-



    Colorado-based bridge bungee jumping with the length of 321 meters was highest suspension bridge in the world till 2011, but this bridge is still big popular in the world for adventure Bungee Jumping Locations in the world.


    2. Macau Tower, Macau China:-


    If you think you are brave enough when most try Macau Tower Bungee jumping and test your brave. It is full of excited and safe Bungee Jumping locations in the world. The tower height is 233 meter and densely crowded place.


    3. Verzasca Dam, Ticino, Switzerland:-


    At 220 meter, the Verzasca Dam is popular for Bungee jumping in wee hours of the night. This is a site where you can test your jumping stress.


    4. Bloukrams Bridge, Western Cape, South Africa:-


    Bloukrams Bridge is the top money-making natural bridge in the world. Jumping from Bloukrams Bridge gives you the double dosage of adventure.


    5. Europabrukle Bridge, Innsbruck, Austria:-


    Europabrukle is an interlinking bridge between Austria and Italy. The Europabrukle Bridge is 5th highest place in the world at 192 meters. The jumper feels swing while taking a jump in the upside down position.


    6. Hanmer Springs:-


    The littlest free fall on the rundown, Hanmer Springs' bungy bounce jumps down on a 35-meter free fall. Hopping off the noteworthy Ferry Bridge close Christchurch, this elating fall dives into the pleasant gully beneath.

    With the alternative of an individual or pair bounce and secured with a full body bridle, you'll venture up to the edge and be enthusiastic hop off this 135 year old scaffold. Age and weight confinements apply; jumpers must be more than 12 years old and measure no less than 35 kilograms. To celebrate your bounce you'll get a complimentary shirt and endorsement..