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  • Take Your Dog On a Road Trip

    Posted by Samantha Winterland July 1, 2015 - 808 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #on the road  #road trip  #dog  #travelling with a dog 

    People who have a more flexible lifestyle, often come to e huge and difficult dilemma: how to combine travelling with your other great love, your furry four-legged friend? Don't fret, your mobile lifestyle is absolutely compatible with your dog on the road with you. It will get even better and more enjoyable. Here are some tips on how to safely travel with your doggie companion.

     dog at a car window

    Dogs On The Road.

    While driving, it would be always best to have your dog in a crate. Especially if your dog is more active, and has the tendency to misbehave. This will be the safest option for both you and the dog, as well as any other passengers in the car. Don't feed the dog during the ride, as this will be a choking risk. Also, you better not feed him before the travel as well, since dogs are prone to motion sickness. Save feeding time for one of the longer breaks off the road. Additionally, use the breaks for some relaxing play time and a short walk. This will calm and recharge both you and your doggie. Be cautious, and never leave your dog alone in the car. This will not only make him panic and feel anxious, but might be harmful to the animal, especially in warm weather, as at the very least he will get dehydrated.


    Have a Thorough Plan at Hand.

    Just like when you travel with kids, when you have your dog companion with you, you should carefully plan ahead every step of the trip. Check if the hotels, or campsites you'll be staying at allow pets. Also, find out if these places have any special requirements for the dog's stay. Choose the places where you'll stop for short breaks in advance (like road gas stations). It might come in handy to research if there are any veterinary clinics in close proximity to your path and the place where you'll be staying.


    Dog Belongings To Take With You.

    While it's always best to pack lightly, don't forget a few essentials, that will make yours and your pet's experience much more pleasant and comfortable. First of all, bring your dog's water and food bowls. It will save you the trouble to search for improvised bowls every time, and will also make your furry friend feel more at ease. Also, get his leash, even if the dog is disciplined enough to walk with you, you better be prepared in unfamiliar settings. Bring a couple of toys, and his favourite blanket. The more familiar objects you have, the calmer the dog will be. This will work even when you are moving away from home, so if you use the services of end of tenancy cleaners, don't leave your dog's bed and toys behind. Don't forget treats to cheer up your pal, and under no circumstance leave the house without plenty of dog waste bags.


    Ensure Yours and Your Dog's Calm and Peace.

    Most likely the reason you go on a road trip is to relax, recharge your batteries, and overall enjoy yourself and your surroundings. So make things easier, and don't overwhelm your four-legged friend with unnecessary emotions and anxiety. It's important to remember dogs are easily influenced by their owner's mood. So act calm and steady, be cheerful, and don't use worried or sad voice when you talk to your dog before and during the trip (e.g. "poor little doggie has to go inside the crate" etc.). Even if you leave your home behind, and devote yourself to travelling and nomad lifestyle, if you give security to your pet though your behaviour, he will be the happiest dog ever. Relax and enjoy the ride, your dog will follow your lead as usual.