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  • First-Hand Relocation and Packaging Guide

    Posted by Adrianna Huester June 23, 2015 - 520 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #travel  #relocation  #moving 

    Planning a house relocation is just as hard as coping with the actual move and furniture removal. Every detail needs to be touched up to perfection in order to allow you to safely transport your possessions and start your new life in a well-organised dwelling.


    Moving Tips For Travellers 

    The basics of managing your house move successfully can be complied in two general tasks - organising, packing. They form the overall moving organisation and can help you easily manage the house move without having the concerns of forgetting something along the way. House Removal Organisation


    Moving usually takes more time than we imagine it could. You may have planned that relocation a month ago, but some specific actions, such as informing banks and other institutions about your move, could alone take up to a month. Try to start the house move preparation as soon as you could to avoid getting pushed by deadlines. If possible, even postpone your move to be sure everything is ready for your final move. Before starting to pack, you need to be aware that there are specific box types and packaging materials which can be used for furniture, electronics and other items. Ask your local removal company if they could provide you with packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, fillers, bubble wrap and others. You can alternatively purchase some from an office supply store. Don't forget to schedule a household removal date with the professional removals at least 2 weeks before the moving day.



    Packaging & Removal


    After you've chosen the right packaging materials and the amount of boxes you will need for your move, you are ready to proceed to packing them. Make sure to cover vulnerable edges and wrap up monitor displays and sensitive surfaces with bubble wrap. Add filling material to cushion the moving box and ensure a safer move for your possessions. Don't leave much space in the boxes allowing the items to move inside.


    In the day of the removal, double-check if you've taken everything from the house. Sometimes, it is normal to forget the essentials we have meant for our handbags somewhere in the house. If you are doing the removal on two tours, ask a friend or relative to watch over your possessions while you unpack the ones in your new house. Leaving the house empty along with your belongings could give burglars an opportunity to break in even if it is still daytime.



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