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  • Top 10 Garden Spots For Picnics in Sydney

    Posted by Amelia Thompson February 16, 2016 - 724 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #family  #sydney  #weekend  #picnic  #Gardens  #parks 

    Pack a few blankets, a basket with tasty sandwiches and snacks and head out into the loveliest parks to picnic in the city! There’s nothing more enjoyable than spending some quality time together with the whole family, surrounded by the beautiful nature, trees and flowers of the Sydney's gardens.



    Centennial Parklands


    A self-funded public park with a free entry, Centennial Parklands is a must-go location in Sydney. Have a late breakfast, read your favourite book or get active with the numerous options it offers to the visitors. You might want to go horse riding, play some golf or hire a bike - whatever you enjoy the most! The park has more than 15,000 trees, as well as ponds, statues and beautifully arranged flower beds!



    Chinese Garden of Friendship


    Located near Chinatown in Sydney, this amazingly calm and beatiful garden offers an enlightening insight into Chinese culture. The ideal spot for relaxation, book reading or a meditation session, with its blue lagoons, colorful lotus plants and fish. Waterfalls, sculptures, towering willow trees, the water dragon and numerous bird species will grant you the time of solitude you've been dreaming of.



    Clifton Gardens


    It is one of the most popular fishing spots in summer season. Catch a bonito, yellowtail kingfish or Australian salmon during your picnic, or bring a home-cooked fish -- it's up to you! Clifton Gardens are the ultimate family destination with its protected beach with no waves and a shark net pool for the kids. Large palm trees provide shade for picnic during the hot days, and a new playground feature provides shate for children to play without getting sunburnt.  The park's landscape is very well-maintained by a team of gardeners, which take a good care for each and every plant in it.



    Headland Park Mosman


    The Georges Heights Lookout situated in Headland Park is the place to admire the breathtaking views of the city skyline, the harbour and the Pacific Ocean. Strech a blanket into the natural bushland, walk along the serene alleys of the park or familiarize yourself with history of defence via the underground forts and military hospital.



    Hyde Park


    This is the oldest park in Australia, containing a visitor centre, the pool of reflection and around 580 mature exotic and native trees. The park features various theme gardens with public art works, monuments and water features, including the iconic Archibald Fountain in its northern site. Hyde Park hosts events like the Australia Day, the Sydney Festival and the Food & Wine Fair.



    Parramatta Park


    Parramatta Park is an appealing destination for the visitors and residents in Sydney to have a picnic or simply feel the serenity of walking on its parkways. Children can enjoy a day full of plays in the two playgrounds while you enjoy your breakfast under the tree crowns. The entrance of the park is surmounted with a large collection of roses.



    Pyrmont Point Park


    Situated close to the harbour, Pyrmont Park offers a wide views of the water, which become really spectacular during the night, with the city lights reflecting on the water surface. Watch the fireworks on New Year's Eve or enjoy the view of the bridge, either way you wil not regret the decision to visit the park. For the picnic lovers there are numerous water play features for the kids, barbecues and shades, grassed spots and toilets to make your picnic unforgetable.



    Sydney Harbour National Park


    Sydney Harbour National Park protects a number of foreshore lands and islands around Sydney. Its natural sights and European heritage left after WWII are appreciated by the thousands of visitors who come to the park each year. Numerous Aboriginal sites are also protected by the National Park, including axe grinding grooves and rock engravings.



    Sydney Olympic Park


    The Bicentennial Park within the Sydney Olympic Park features 40 hectares of beautiful grasslands, gentle hills, lakeside lawns and flower beds. For your family weekend you have a few playgrounds, picnic shelters, electric barbecues and toilets to benefit from. The water play area includes a few amazing fountains and water spouts to cool yourself in the hot summer days.



    Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens


    The Royal Botanic Gardens are the largest of the three biggest botanical gardens open for visitors in Sydney. See the Australia’s oldest bridge at the starting point, over 300 species of palms trees and the 1885 glasshouse, filled with orchids, hoyas and begonias amongst a plethora of tropical foliage plants.