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  • Hiking in the National Parks of the Perth Hills

    Posted by Jason Hall December 7, 2016 - 786 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #australia  #hiking  #Pert  #national parks 


    Perth is one of Australia’s fastest growing cities. It has become a booming metropolis filled with developement and big business; but Perth’s surrounds are still very natural and they are likely going to stay that way. In the Perth Region of Western Australia, there are a total of 15 national parks, plus 8 regional parks, 3 marine parks, and 3 nature reserves. With all this protected land, building won’t happen and the forests and landscapes of the Perth Hills and other nature areas around Perth will be preserved for our future generations to enjoy. Hiking in the Perth Hills can be one of the greatest adventures for nature loving bushwalkers. You won’t even have to travel far to get to some of the national parks near Perth because many are less than an hour drive away. When heading out, check the roads and advisories to see if you will need to hire a Budget 4WD drive vehicle to get to where you want to go. Here are 5 of the national parks in the Perth Hills where you can go hiking and explore the beautiful nature that surrounds you:


    Kalamunda National Park



    Kalamunda National Park Photo Credit:

    Kalamunda National Park Photo Credit: 


    Kalamunda National Park is not as popular as some of the other parks, so you can almost be guaranteed a quiet getaway here, just 30 km west of Perth’s CBD. The Piesse Brook babbles its way through the park that is forested with jarrah, marri, wandoo, and butter gum trees. Many hikers or bushwalkers from all over the world do come to Kalamunda National Park because it is the starting point of the Bibbulmun Track. It is world famous because it is one of the longest walking tracks in the entire world and is a popular adventure for backpacking hikers. It spans over 1,000 km from Kalamunda through the Perth Hills down south to the city of Albany. Of course, if you just want to take a day walk, or even an overnighter, you certainly can do that.



    Beelu National Park



    Beelu National Park Photo Credit:



    Beelu National Park Photo Credit: (Wikipedia) By Photographs by, CC BY 2.5 au,


    Beelu National Park is one of the closest parks to Perth’s CBD. It takes just about a 45 minute drive east to get there. Beelu is known for its many walking trails, some of which originate at the Perth Hills Discovery Centre, which is a popular destination and meeting place located in the park and also where the campgrounds are located. Fred Jacoby Park is one of the highlights within the Beelu National Park, there you can see one of the largest living English oak trees in Western Australia.


    Greenmount National Park


    Greenmount National Park Photo Credit:



    Jarrah Tree in Greenmount National Park Photo Credit: (Wikipedia) By Photographs by, CC BY 2.5 au,

    Greenmount National Park is also close to Perth’s CBD. It is one of the smaller parks at just 56 hectares of land, but it offers up some of the most spectacular views on the Darling Scarp. Look for the Greenmount Lookout to get a bird’s eye view over the swan Coastal Plain and all the way to Perth’s city skyline. Inside the park you should also visit the Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park and Mountain Quarry.

    Gooseberry Hill National Park



    Gooseberry Hill from Perth’s Statham’s Quarry Photo Credit: (Wikipedia) Von Photographs by, CC BY 2.5 au,



    Gooseberry National Park Zig Zag Statham’s Quarry Photo Credit: (Wikipedia) By Photographs by, CC BY 2.5 au,


    Gooseberry National Park is also a small park and also just about 30 minutes west of Perth. It is a hilly park and from the tops of those hills are some of the best panoramic views of the Swan Coastal Plain. Bird watchers and photographers frequent this park for its gorgeous views and large popular of local and migrant birds.


    Helena National Park



    Mount Dale Walking Circuit Photo Credit:



    View from the Mount Dale Summit in Helena National Park Photo Credit: (Wikipedia) By Zamphuor - Own work (My own photo), CC BY 2.5,


    In contrast to the other parks we featured today, Helena National Park is one of the largest in the region at 8000 hectares. It is also a little further distance from Perth, about 60 km to the southwest. Here in the park, the Bibbulmun Track we told you about earlier connects to the Mount Dale Walking Circuit. The circuit track takes you up to Mount Dale, which is the highest point on the Darling Scarp. Naturally, it allows you to see panoramic views of the entire region including the Darling Ranges, the Darkin River Valley, Helena National Park; plus the surrounding National Parks, and State Forest areas too.