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Page » Blogs » Hervey Bay: Have a Fantastic Holiday in the Whale Watching Capital of the World

  • Hervey Bay: Have a Fantastic Holiday in the Whale Watching Capital of the World

    Posted by Jason Hall September 1, 2015 - 759 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #australia    #whale watching  #hervey bay 

    Humpback Whale Breaching in Hervey Bay Photo Credit:



    Hervey Bay Aerial Map Photo Credit: Wikipedia


    If you seek out to find majestic and graceful whales for your holiday, look no further than the whale watching capital of the world. From July to November each year, this Queensland city is a mecca for migrating whales and the people who want to watch them as they go by and frolic in the protecting waters off the coast. Hervey Bay is located on the Coral Sea coastline of Brisbane. It is a 3 and ½ hour drive north of Brisbane. It is a very popular vacation spot in Australia, even when it is not whale watching season. Each year, the laid back, coastal vibe and subtropical climate lure over 1 million visitors to the Hervey Bay area each year. When you are on holiday, if you hire a Budget car rental, you can see everything you want to on your own schedule. Work with your car rental agent, and let them know your plans so that they can recommend the best vehicle for the terrain you will encounter. They also can offer up tips as a local which can help you find insider insights into the best places to visit.


    Whale Watching



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    The calm waters of Hervey Bay and the Great Sandy Strait are a safe haven for the migrating whales. Somewhere around 10,000 whales migrate through this area each winter and spring. You can see them frolicking and nursing their young and it is also male mating season. You are almost guaranteed to see whales during season. The whales often interact with the viewing boats because they seem to be just as curious about watching us as we are in them. Every day several boat charters head out on whale watching tours. You can also look for the whales from the shore or several lookout points along the coast, or on nearby Fraser Island.


    Things to Do in  Hervey Bay



    Aerial View of Hervey Bay Photo Credit:


    Hervey Bay is one of the most popular holiday spots in Australia, so even if you visit when it is not whale watching season, there is never any shortage of things to do. Swim in the protected waters of Hervey Bay, have fun in the surf and sand of the beaches, see the Reefworld Aquarium, visit Fraser Island, reminisce about the past in Hervey Bay Historical Village, or ferry over to Lady Elliot Island.


    Play in the Ocean and the Beaches



    Beach Fun at Hervey Bay Photo Credit:


    When you are right on the coast of the beautiful, blue Coral Sea, you have to take advantage of this premium spot. The bay is protected by Fraser Island which makes it safe and calm for swimming, boating, and other water sports. There is so much to do from everything to nothing and just relax on the beach.


    Reefworld Aquarium



    Reefworld Aquarium Photo Credit:


    Reefworld is not just any aquarium and that is why it is on our list of must see places in Hervey Bay. It is one of the only all natural aquariums in the world and it has been here for over 30 years. They focus on educating visitors about the local marine life. It is great for the whole family and a chance to learn about the local tropical fish, green sea turtles, Queensland gropers, sharks, large reef fish, crabs, tubeworms and much more. Make an afternoon of it and have lunch at the Waterfront Restaurant located next door.


    Hervey Bay Historical Village



    Hervey Bay Village and Museum Photo Credit:


    The Hervey Bay Historical Village and Museum is a popular stop in this area and great if you love nostalgia and maybe want to take a little break from the beach and ocean. Take a glimpse into the past and see how the early settlers and farmers lived in the 1800’s. See the blacksmith and wood turner demonstrations, cars, clothes, and other aspects of life here 200 years ago.


    Lady Elliot Island



    "Lady Elliot Island SVII" by © Underwater Earth / Catlin Seaview Survey - - Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons


    Lady Elliot Island is located about 130 km northeast of Hervey Bay. It is the southernmost coral cay of the Great Barrier Reef. When you holiday here in Queensland, you can’t get that close to the Great Barrier Reef and not be able to say you visited it. The island is 45 hectares filled with biodiversity and home to an eco-resort. It is located in the ‘Green Zone’ of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, which means it holds the highest possible protected classification. The island habitat includes seagrass beds, mangrove communities, and deepwater shoals and reefs that serve as an important breeding ground and nursery for marine life including manta rays, the speckled carpetshark, green turtles, and loggerhead turtles. The clear waters make for some of the best scuba diving or snorkelling.


    Fraser Island



    Fraser Island Ferns Photo Credit:

    Visiting Fraser Island is a must when you are already in Hervey Bay. It is such a unique and incredibly bio diverse island, you won’t want to miss it. The island features over 100 freshwater lakes, natural springs, 72 different colours of sand, over 865 species of plants, wildlife, and of course, beaches on both the bayside and ocean side. Four wheel driving on the beach is also one of the popular adventures. If you like shipwreck diving, the S.S. Maheno Shipwreck is just off the island.