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  • Taking Care Of The Family BBQ In Sydney

    Posted by Ian Bennett Morrison December 22, 2014 - 992 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #sydney  #BBQ  #grill 

    Summer is the time dedicated to having a good time. For most of my friends "good time" equals travelling but for others it could also be getting sunburn, training outdoors, night walks on the beach, meeting family members who live far away... However, if you happen to live in Sydney or you simply visit the city for a vacation, regular barbecue gatherings are probably already included in the summer fun list. What's definitely not included in that list is the BBQ cleaning, which unfortunately is an inevitable part of the experience. So, if you dislike cleaning half as much as I do, feel free to keep on reading till the end of this entry.



    So, just how to clean the BBQ easily?


    If it's something you don't like to do, then why not try to use the most effective cleaning methods - so that it's all finished as soon as possible. The first technique I want to share is:


    Using BBQ Stones


    These look similar to pumice blocks, only visual difference is they have no holes on the surface. The good news is their design makes them easy to use on almost any barbecue model. That means you can apply stones straight on your barbecue grate and add some elbow grease for optimal results. Because grill stones can handle extreme temperatures, you can clean when the BBQ is hot – a great way to get rid of stuck old particles before you start cooking.


    Try With Wire Brushes


    This is a popular and easy method. Pay attention to the brush you use. Bear in mind that different tools are good for different grates. If your grill bars are enamel-coated, then brass bristles are more appropriate, because in most cases they won't damage the enamel. The other option is buying a steel wire brush (if the grate is not ceramic). There are a lot of models to be found at your local home improvement store and even more are offered online on websites such as eBay and Amazon. Steel might be a little bit too tough for your grate, so it would be a good idea to test on a side area first. And a word about the direction of the bristles. While most brushes have straight-oriented bristles and that works for the main part of the task, having a brush with twisted bristles will enable you to do a detailed clean between the bars. The latter is important but often overlooked by most home owners as the grime is not so visible.


    Burning The BBQ Off


    Using extra heat on your grill is an old but still working technique. Just make sure the grill is super hot and is working on its maximum. When you're finished with the barbecuing, don't let the temperature drop, but keep it for about 20 more minutes instead. Then, let it cool down as you scrub leftovers off with a putty knife or special spatula. Again, be careful if you're dealing with ceramic coating.


    Other Methods


    There is a number of alternatives you can try. Soaking grates in hot water and mild detergent for an hour is the first of them. As a friend of mine (who works for a BBQ cleaning team in Sydney) suggests that this method is particularly useful for enamel-coated barbecues. After soaking, you'll be able to scrape off loosen filth and rinse well with water in the end. The whole procedure may take a little more time but in turn you get wonderful results.


    You should also oil the grates prior to grilling in order to prevent food from sticking to the surface – this would make BBQ cleaning significantly easier next time. If you're willing to spend some money on equipment, then a steam cleaner could be a good tool - not only for the grill but for the whole house.