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  • How To Secure Your House When Going On A Vacation

    Posted by Nia Greenwood February 24, 2015 - 891 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #holiday  #tips  #house  #safety  #leave 


    There are several thing we do every time we leave on a vacation. The excitement of packing suitcases and every family member fluttering around is only one side of the coin. We must leave a well-cleaned, secured property, minimizing the risk of accidents as much as we can. We usually wash the car, prepare it for a long trip or leave a key to a neighbour to check on our home at times. But these few more things you can do will make you feel sure the house is safe enough.


    1. Disconnect All Electronic Devices

    If you have all of your computers, TVs, stereos, and other electronics all run through surge protects, then you should just flip the switch to power them off. But if they are plugged directly into the wall, then you must pull all of their plugs if a power surge happens while you're away.

    This is good for your budget too. All these devices are wasting power even turned off. Best you can do is install surge protectors in every room possible. Here are the steps:

    First, take an inventory list of all of the machines which are normally plugged in throughout each room of your home.
    Create groups of appliances in each room which could run through surge protectors and could be turned off all at once.
    Install the surge protectors and switch them off right before leaving.


    2. Install Timers To Light The Rooms

    If you want to avoid the visits of thieves while you are enjoying your holiday, there is one simple thing you can do. Install timers on lights in rooms that are visible from outside. Set them turn on when it's getting dark outside, and turn off when it is time for sleep. This way your house will appear settled, making it less desirable target for burglars. Besides, timers are not so expensive, good ones worth less than $20 a piece.


    3. Clean, Refresh And Lock All Rooms

    Take out all the rubbish, vacuum the floors, mop them and spray with air-freshener every room. Lower the amount of food stored in the fridge and freezer. This way, less will be lost if there’s a blackout while you’re away. Also, lock all doors and windows. Don't forget to set the alarms, especially in the garage. If you are away for extended period of time, you may need a thorough professional home cleaning after you get back home.


    4. Keep Plants And Garden Alive

    Being forsaken for a week or more is very tough for your garden, mostly throughout summer season. If you are only going to be away a week or less, you may just soak the plants very well and a put a layer of mulch, which will prevent losing water. Of course, everything depends on the type of crops and the weather forecast. If you don't have an in-ground sprinkler system, use a soaker hose to keep flowers or veggies watered. You can set up timer on your hoses to turn them on and off at certain times.