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Page » Blogs » Traveller eviction throughout north and central England

  • Traveller eviction throughout north and central England

    Posted by Pamela Harris February 2, 2017 - 251 views - 0 comments - 1 like - #Traveller eviction 

    How you can be asked to leave 

    You need to have planning permission and a site licence to use your land as a site for caravans. If you don't have planning permission, you could be evicted.


    The council can send an officer to visit your camp to check if you have broken any planning laws. If the council's officer has a warrant, it could be a criminal offence for you try to stop them coming onto your land.


    The council can:

    • Serve an enforcement notice
      A stop notice
    • apply to a court for an injunction ordering you to leave the land

    You can be fined if you fail to comply with a notice. You can be sent to prison if you ignore an injunction. Your caravan could be removed from the site If you don’t leave.


    Private companies, landowners, solicitors and local authorities have been trusting our team of enforcement agents to remove uninvited gypsies and deal with travellers evictions for years. This is because they know that we at Strikes Traveller Evictions act quickly, adhere to the law and get great results every time.


    Having strangers pitch up and make their home on your land can be stressful and intimidating. So why not leave the job of getting rid of them to the professionals? We at Strikes deal with traveller evictions every day, and know the best way to manage the traveller eviction process to the satisfaction of all parties. If you’re worried about the mess that your unwanted guests might leave behind, don’t worry, we can take care of that too.


    If after the allotted time (stated in the eviction notice) they are still there. We will instruct our specialist team of traveller eviction bailiffs to attend, and they will supervise the eviction of the travellers, gypsys or trespassers vehicles and possessions from your private land. All of our traveller eviction bailiff specialists, are more than happy to have the Police attend the eviction. This is to avoid untruthful claims of excessive force, or traveller property being damaged, being used against us.

    The common law procedure is much easier & faster, than going through the Courts for a Court Order to have them removed.