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Page » Blogs » A Childhood Trip Became My One and Only Passion

  • A Childhood Trip Became My One and Only Passion

    Posted by Veronika Adriane August 15, 2014 - 1,119 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #trip  #sydney  #concert  #road 

    ​I was 16 when I first went on a small concert with my cousin Amelie in Sydney. But believe me it was more than just an exciting trip to the near city. We were approximately 630 kilometers away from the New South Wales music mecca and were more than crazy to think we would be able to get back home in the morning before my folks arrive from their trip.


    My cousing was 21 years old and already living on her own and making money from freelance designer jobs. She and I were friends since I can remember and were always on the tip of the wave of the Aussie music festivals and art events. We had never gone that far away and my parents were definitely not OK with me departing to the big city at that age. Anyhow, she took me early in the morning and we drove to NSW's capital for at least 7 hours. Because we got there early, we had time to take a walk near the Sydney Harbor and visit some of the city's amazing shopping centres.


    I was astonished by the enormous, imposing buildings which were situated in the central business district. I knew right there Sydney was the place I want to live in someday.Little did I know at that time that my path will take me to city once again A couple of years later, I went to study in the University of Sydney and haven't left the city ever since, except for road trips and occasional family gatherings back at Mallacoota.



    And how could I leave this city?


    Besides being a true gem on the southern coast, it has all the commodities needed for a 20-something-year-old to live happily without ever thinking of  doing to tiresome home chores on her own. And, don't get me wrong, Mallacoota is a wonderful place. I loved being just a few blocks from its splendid beach, but I would never replace my 5-star gym and my brilliant cleaning lady in Sydney for a life in the small town. Or at least, not now.  There maybe will be a time and place when I would change up my mind, but until then, my heart is bound to be in Sydney.